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  1. she's kinda underrated in T-ara.. so i wish her to show people her real talent. Boram will do all her best in this musical.
  2. The senator seems nice.. Well kinda since she doesn't smile alot. i don't like politics. hopefully her image wont affect t-ara pure image
  3. This CEO is a beast, he is very optimistic at what he wants for the girls. a very wise man. its nice to see T-ara as a diverse group.
  4. She's so strong! She really is an incredible girl. Jiyeon Fighting.. t-ara Fighting
  5. they work so so hard. Hope they get to rest and sleep more. T-ARA is the best
  6. It's good to know T-ara aren't starve themselves. and i think T-ara is the only group that eat quite alot.
  7. it's a good thing for only scandal. Its a relief they are just close friends. Soyeon will find someone who is more suitable for her one day
  8. it's not humilating but funny how it's written as she's put to sleep. she sleeps everywhere but she's working hard and sleep
  9. i can't wait to see this episode it's killing me haha. thumbs up for eunjung. eunjung fighting
  10. Eunjung is cute, the sleeping beauty T-ara Eunjung always look pretty. Eunjung Fighting and get well soon.
  11. Hyomin is really the network queen among idols. jiyeon envy hyomin for the 900 contacts.
  12. You should be 110% recovered before you return back on stage! but i'm very happy to see her on stage again.
  13. She's beautiful and awesome voice and cute personality! but rumour are still rumor, hope the other wont get it too seriously.
  14. She is so strong! Fighting Eunjung! She gives all her effort in everything, and even when she's hurt she toughs it out.
  15. didn't know Eunjung is gonna star in a movie. shes got a lot of schedule, hope shes not too tried..
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