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  1. Wow shes so pretty. so shes the new baby maknae. Hopefully she will try her best . thanks for sharing the pictures! tiara fighting!
  2. I really love this drama. its really good. especially eun jung never knew that she can atc so evil!. thanks for sharing these images. tiara fighting!
  3. Cant wait for the next episode to cone out. eunjung looks so pretty! I wonder whats going to happen :S. thanks for sharing these images, they are great. tiara fighting!
  4. Ahahaha hyomin so cute. thanks for sharing the pictures. its wonderful telling us about what she doing. tiara fighting!
  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images!! Jiyeon looks so cute posing with he lollipop! All tiara members look wonderful. tiara fighting!.
  6. Hyomin is having alot of fun. it must be really cold standing in the water at night time. thansk for sharing the pictures. tiara fighting!
  7. oh my god they are so cute. all of them look very pretty. keep on the good work. thanks for sharing the pictures. Tiara fighting
  8. oh my god! eun jung looks so pretty and cute. thanks for sharing the pictures. keep on with the good work. tiara fighting!
  9. ahahah second picture doesnt really look like eun jung. never seen her with long hair thansk for sharing the pictures. tiara fighting.
  10. LOL EUN JUNG SLEEPIG AGAIN. so funny. she is sleeping with her mouth open . eun jung fighting! thanks for sharing the images.
  12. oh my god i feel sorry for her. its so sad. she works really hard though hopefully she will gain what she wants in the future. eun jung fighting!
  13. lol eun jung funny firl always sleeping everywhere. it must be hard that she has a tough schedule. eun jung fighting!
  14. wow that is a lot of contacts 941!! naw poor jiyeon only had 70. Hopefully jiyeon can put up with this. anyways tiara fighting!
  15. oh wow they all looks so pretty also jiyeon looks so cute. i wish i was there cheering for them. tiara fighting
  16. i also think they are lack of sleep. poor tiara they had to put up with this. hopefully they will get better. tiara fighting!
  17. Oh my god thats the new girl. hopefully she will get along with the tiara girls. thanks for sharing tiara fighting!
  18. That is nice to hear that eun jung is recovering from her ankle injury. thanks for sharing the news. eun jung fighting!
  19. Oh my god poor eun jung she hurted her ankle. and she is filming also filming dream high with that ankle. i feel sorry for her. eun jung fighting!
  20. Oh my god hyomin is so beautiful. thanks for sharing the photos. i want to see her so bad. tiara fighting! keke
  21. Thanks for sharing the images to us. eun jung looks so cute. i wish i was there looking at the performance. and the last picture of eun jung looks really pretty. keke
  22. ahahah second picture boram looks so cute and happy even. it would have been better if eun jung was there. thanks for sharing this photo. keke
  23. Wow they are wonderful. all of them look so excited with enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing the photo. tiara fighting!
  24. OH MY GOD i want to go see dream high, it looks really good. thanks for sharing these images to us. its really good and Pretty hopefully i get to see them. tiara fighting!
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