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  1. nice. i will definitely visit the coffee house there one day if i have the opportuniy to go korea
  2. this poor girl seriously needs some rest. her aegyo sal is too much already lol
  3. it does not matter if its random jibberish the repetitive nature of the song lyrics is part of what makes kpop attractive to listen to
  4. It actually makes no difference as to who is the leader. 'leader' is just a formal term but if it makes them happy as being a leader, it doesnt hurt to rotate
  5. wow nice. thanks for sharing the rehersal pictures which fans doesnt get to see
  6. finally. have been waiting for their comeback for so long hope they will get a real breakthrough after their japanese advancements
  7. Are they still in singapore or left for korea already? i believe they still have a heavy schedule waiting for them back at their country
  8. thanks for sharing the pictures, could not get a good shot due to the front row people standing on their chairs while the security does nothing
  9. thanks for sharing the picturesi am alright with people who block the view of others by just taking photos. but those people with large signboard really get on my nerves.
  10. thanks for sharing the pictures here. the security at the concert is really too strict on photography. did not get to take any decent photos
  11. which episode will she appear in? i only watch the 1st 10 minutes of the show and find it rather...
  12. hmm.. doesnt know what sort of filming they did there as they are supposed to attend a press conference but went sentosa for some filming in the last minute instead
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