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  1. This is why i love them... They have their way of giving back
  2. Its been along time since co-ed males performed. This will be interesting... can't wait for it.
  3. omgggggg when i saw pics i went app store and looked for it straight away... Not released yet . Anyone know the release date? I really want it!!
  4. Congrats to the girls on their first triple crown !! I watched the video and did not even notice anything.. Have strength Hwayoung!!
  5. CCM does work the girls way too much.... but look how popular they are! I just wished CCM gave them more breaks in between though.
  6. Are they planning to release full version for individual members? They already relased the full mv for roly poly... it would be so goood if they release full individual ones.
  7. Thanks for reminding, I voted before forgot recently. I'll bookmark the page and vote everyday. Hopefully they can get their triple crown on M Countdown next week!
  8. This will be interesting to see how it works....The show is gonna be complicated due to the language barriers
  9. Not again? Another injury? Poor eunjung... I hope she can recover quickly..
  10. The girls have been working so hard, they desedrve triple crown. I know they will get it!!
  11. Have been waiting for this ever since they announced that there was going to be part 2 !! Looking forward to it
  12. Finally !!! I wonder what the fanclub would be called... T- something perhaps?
  13. Congrats !! Yay they won again !! Too bad jiyeon wasn't there and had to film for dream high..
  14. of course the fans want it asap, hopefully it'll released on 19th with no delays
  15. It seems like theyre going full out with japanese promotions. Bo Beep Bo Beep, YaYaYa and now Roly Poly... they need mroe rest!
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