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  1. Looking at the dates... I wonder how the group will manage their promotions for Lovey Dovey when three of the members are going to be really busy with this musical. o_o There'll definitely be overlap here and there. And hopefully the girls get enough rest (who am I kidding, haha) and stay healthy.
  2. lmao darn, I think a proper fanclub name is really what all the fans want too, even if T-ara can't hold a concert. ;__; also, the pictures for the dance MV set look pretty awesome.
  3. Ah, that's really sweet of her! I wonder if he's a fan...? why would she write this, though.
  4. Oh, wow, they actually look pretty good together. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  5. Joon talking about Jiyeon makes me a happy shipper, haha. Eunjung and Jiyeon seem to be the busiest members, even if Eunjung seems more popular for Dream High...
  6. Well, as a singer, it's not that unlikely that she listened to lots of music! Especially if her parents also played music at home, it's no surprise.
  7. ...homg these are so amazing. *___* Thank you so, so much for the zips especially. I always welcome more pictures of the girls!
  8. Oh so that's what Hyomin meant by her tweet. Haha, Eunjung/Hyomin ftw! It'll be fun though to watch WGM
  9. ..wow, they're all going to admit to having boyfriends before, at this rate! XD the honesty is really refreshing, though. ♥
  10. I wouldn't say 'scandalous', but it's really ... weird. To do this in the middle of a broadcast. O_o
  11. Haha, Joon looks like such a creeper in some of these photos, but both are so cute together~
  12. That dress sets off her legs very nicely, haha. *__* But really though; the colour is great on her, and she looks cute next to Joon.
  13. That first image of Jiyeon is omg adorable. The double ponytails just get my heart.
  14. She's going to be really busy, wow! o_o Hopefully she won't overwork... though I'm looking forward to more acting from her.
  15. If this is the show that Qri talked about her boyfriend, then I hope it's subbed soon!
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