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  1. Hi thanks for the add~ :)

  2. omo poor jiyeon... well it's good to hear that she's now resting, she definitely needs it! i hope she gets well soon
  3. ... he look's nothing like jiyeon LOL how awkward.
  4. hello~ thanks for the view! :))

    hope u enjoyed my prof. :))

  5. i hope the girls will be safe and have a great time in japan t-ara hwaiting!! ^_~
  6. Happy Birthday!!! :D :D :D

  7. woaaah 70,000 applicants.. good to hear they're so popular~ yaay they're shooting their mv today and tomorrow, can't wait!
  8. woohoo congrats to hyomin! i reckon she'd be a fun leader
  9. woah their comeback is on my birthday! i can't wait haha
  10. haha what an interesting role! it's good to see that's she getting good feedback
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