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  1. Jiyeon is so adorable! She is so cute, oh my Jiyeon! I love my bias!
  2. I know they can do this! Hyominnie, Eunjung, and Soyeonnie will prove to the haters that they deserve to be in those dramas. BACK OFF HATERS!
  3. for what interview was this? I mean for what show and where? Korea? Im gonna make an article for this on dkpopnews.net and I need enough info. and also the video for CSTV. thank you!
  4. Is Soyeon unnie's hair is just extension? Cos i dont think it's real but pretty though!
  5. Why so pretty?? Ooops!! Jiyeonnie, ahh~ so cute! T-ara is always pretty!
  6. Black and Yellow?? Whoah! The outfit is really cute! T-ara makes it more cute!
  7. uhhhmm. Actually, this outfit is one of my favorite outfits of Roly Poly. Simple yet unique. Love the color also!
  8. T-ara Daebak!! Cant wait for them to perform their new song!! T-ara fighting!
  9. These caps are so amazing!! Thanks for these. This makes me love T-ara more!
  10. Then I love Hyomin unnie's innocent concept! This concept is really awesome and Hyomin is stunning!
  11. Thye are so pretty, as always though!! Eunjung unnie and Jiyeonnie!! ehh? Where's Hyomin unnie?
  12. that outfit of them is really really cute!! It makes them cuter and i also like the color. ;D
  13. Hyomin unnie's hair is still long here. and yeah, pretty Jiyeonnie! That laugh of her is really cute.
  14. uuuwaaa!! Eunjung unnie is simply gorgeous! That headband suits her really well! Saranghae unnie!
  15. Where is my Jiyeonnie? Where is she? Why she's not in the picture? but T-ara is really cute here.
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