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    K-Pop [T-ARA, 2PM, U-Kiss, B.A.P, EXO, BTS, Miss A, JJProject, IU, Ailee, TEEN TOP, CNBlue, MBLAQ]
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  1. hi po.. :) may twitter ka po ba? follow po kita.. eto pala twitter ko.. https://twitter.com/raijiyoon minsan lang po ako mag-open dito sa tiaradiadem eh, moderator ka na po pala! congrats po ^^

    1. vine_hyominnie48


      waahh slamats!! geh ba!!

    2. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ate kumusta po? tagal na po natin di nakakapagchat T__T college na po ako ngayon.. hehe Tourism po kinuha ko.. at wala pa po akong friends :(

  2. hi! its been a long time since I used my account here in tiaradiadem.. :) how are you?

  3. uuuiii... sorry kung ngaun lng ulit nkapagreply .. how r u n?? 4th year highschool kn db? dto sa manila na ako nag-aaral..

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      hello po :) okay lang po yan! hehe late din po reply ko eh OTL

      opo 4th year hs na po ako.. saan ka po sa manila? ^^ may twitter ka po ba? kasi po minsan lang po ako mag-ol dito sa forum eh, para po sa twitter nalang po tayo.. hehe

  4. eonni~ belated Happy Birthday! :) saranghae~

  5. annyeong eonni~ :) kumusta po? ahmm.. may twitter ka po ba?

  6. annyeong~ I'm back here kkk~ ^^

  7. please don't add.. if they become 9 members, they're like they are imitating SNSD. 7 members are enough. so please Kim Kwang Soo, don't add!
  8. ui musta na? woah bkasyon na!!

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      hello po!:D eto okay naman po.. kaw? hehe nakakatamad nga po dito eh. hehe

  9. hello everyone.. :) follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/raijiyoon thanks ^^

  10. I am very happy that T-ara will have a new album, official fanclub and .. a Solo Concert! yeah! I'm so happy.. happy for them... but, I'm sad, because I can't have their album, and I can't go to their 1st solo concert.. :((( my mother is not allowing me in things like that. even though I have money, she don't give me permission. she'll scold me if I'll buy any album :'(

  11. good evening eonni ^^ kumusta po?

    1. vine_hyominnie48


      woah..k lang... e2 nagkacountdown for kpop con..ahaha

    2. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      sorry po late reply.. hehe ngayon ko lang po uli tiningnan itong profile ko eh hehe. . ^^ nakapunta ka po? buti ka pa po..

  12. helo everyone :) its been a long time when I log-in here :( I miss being here.. hehehe . we have so many things to do in school that's why i don't have time here :'( by the way.. how are you?

  13. sorry ! super duper late reply ..Hindi ako nakapunta sa kpop con at kpop fest kasi pupunta ako sa hallyu wave sa feb. ahaha..ok lng yan bta ka pa naman eh bsta pag pumunta ka sbhin mo lng.. :)

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      okay lang po hehehe :)

      wow.. buti ka pa mkakapunta ka po sa hallyu wave. . . :( hayy.. hehe

      baka po hanggang pangarap nalang ako na mkapunta sa mga ganyang events. hahaha sige po ^^

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