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  1. wow, actually they are senior-junior because they studied in the same university and also in the same course..wow, this is great i like when jangwoo ask eunjung if she really have campus couple and she told eunjung to tell the truth,if not, he will investigate wow, he got jealous lol.........
  2. when i watch WGM ep 2, i really really like eunjung's reaction when he brought her to the camping site...it doesnt show any dissapointment in her face... jangwoo also love her reaction because she understand her husband hobby and support him..yeah..
  3. jealous??,..this is mean he really like eunjung..haha..... of course he like eunjung because eunjung is beautiful lol...
  4. wow. jangwoo..do you really like eunjung?..if not you will not be jealous..ok..haha. it is too early for jangwoo to get jealous but it's okay lol bcoz eunjung is his wife right now and he has right to be jealous, right???
  5. is it eunjung really hope that soohyun will be her husband?? but i like if soohyun really be her husband......
  6. i really don't understand when the interviewer ask soohyun...he said that he like suzy during summer and eunjung during winter...why he said that...he like sexy women or not actually??...
  7. during the interview...when the interviewer ask him who will he pick between eunjung and suzy?? he said that 3 days for eunjung and 3 days for suzy...Wow! he is really fair lol..haha...
  8. eunjung choose soohyun as the actor she like for around her age at the interview... it is soo sweet..because soohyun got embarassed while eunjung said that...
  9. after watch the CF..i find BTS for the CF... they really really close lol... at the interview, soohyun choose T-ara group as the group he like while looking to the eunjung.. it is so romantic at that moment...love it.....
  10. i already watch the CF...it is so interesting and i love them..they really look good together... it's okay lol if they really couple...they really suitable for each other.
  11. why they make these things for soyeon? she should be given a opportunity to explain about the rumors..this is not fair... it's such a pity when she got edited in the strong heart....poor her... it;s okay soyeoon, we always support you...
  12. wow, she' like make joke lol mybe she want to have the experience to enter men's bathroom but she's so cute..
  13. i really don't know that she is a member of SNSD before this such a pity she witdrawing from SNSD but it's okay because she is famous now
  14. wow, eunjung has close relationship with soohyun? i love them they look sweet together it's okay if they really couple lol
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