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  1. Whoa! Surprising amount of views. Congrats T-ara! I wish you more success
  2. Attracting the gamers out there haha. I wouldn't mind trying this game out as it seems very interesting. =p
  3. I will keep watching Gag Concert and await the appearance of our Girls. But I agree with everyone, 40 seconds?! Lol!
  4. I'm curious to what it will sound like, but I'm sure it wouldn't sound all too bad. As much as I like the Korean version, I'll surely support the Japanese version. =]
  5. Wow, that's great news!! Wish T-ara all the best in their future promotions and activities! Daebak!
  6. Gotta love the radiant colors of their performance outfits. =] Most especially the chic and elegant dresses in the IKMW red carpet
  7. I like the soft elegant effects in this picture. =] All of them are gorgeous ~
  8. All the girls look fabulous! ~ Makes me want to be able to read Japanese now...
  9. Wow, they all look very sexy in these pics...I like. =p I'd play as all of them tbh. =]
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