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  1. Bou

    Yeah lol and done :P

  2. Sorry I'm on vacation lol

  3. Our love knows no boundaries :P

  4. or just someone else linked me which begs the question...why did you have it? :P

  5. Already have that too :P but thanks

  6. Yeah lol I've talked to them before :P

  7. Already dwnlded yesterday :P

  8. I added the link to thread :)

  9. It looks like they were just messing with her lol but I know songs from the 1950's and I'm not even 20
  10. Bou

    Not sure lol maybe Dream Girls?

  11. Bou

    then maybe Dream Girls lol

  12. Bou

    I am not sure lol just found it but I think it's from t-aradotcom

  13. Hopefully her husbands someone cool like anyone from B2ST or Soo Hyun...just not freaking Taecyeon -_____-
  14. Bou

    Happy birthday!!!

  15. No lol Vietnamese has abc's :P

  16. Bou

    lol and no not really, Vietnamese uses some words from Chinese, but it has been influenced a lot by French and it uses the Latin Alphabet

  17. Bou

    Oh lol I actually got it from a Japanese guitarist. Cool which ethnicity?

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