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  1. the world is not fair TT_TT if i wear yellow blush, i'll look sick but when soyeon use yellow blusher, she still look gorgeous
  2. omg~ her eyes she looks gorgeous she should get a cosmetic cf deal NOW!!!!
  3. yeay~~ i love this 3 though I wish soyeon also included but nevertheless, i cannot wait to listen to their ost
  4. the waterpark in WGM? omo~ i love their fairy tale theme room cannot wait to see the cf definitely gonna be awesome coz t-ara in it
  5. wow O_o first a movie and now a sageuk hyomin surely has a very busy year congrats
  6. lol cute nickname is cute kinda remind me of hororo (haha character in running man) which rhen remind me of pororo the penguin
  7. woah~ korean version of Saturday Night Fever? i'm looking forward to it must be really cool dancing like that
  8. OMG~ i love her dictionary i want one too~~~ she's look adorable in the picture
  9. Why not Johor Bahru? Why? Why? This friday heading to KL are they still in malaysia at that time maybe I should stalk them
  10. What? they were in malaysia? when? OMG!!!!!! I want to see them
  11. can someone tell me why she was afraid of water?? anyway, the best part when they compete who held their breath the longest under water LOL BTW, i love that their skinship just come naturally for both of them now
  12. i don't think their skinship is force or anything it does come naturally its normal for any couple to hold hand after a few dates that just mean they are comfortable with each other i love this couple
  13. i hate doll because i watch too much chucky when i was small but hyomin's doll is an exception i love it
  14. i didn't notice it at first have to read the news first then look at the picture again she's still pretty btw, i cannot wait to watch her movie
  15. this gonna be one of the place i'm going to go for my korea trip i cannot wait to see the design of this cafe when it fully complete i'm sure its gonna be gorgeous
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