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  1. [11.11.12] Video - T-ara @ Jeju Love Concert credit : citrinejing02@youtube
  2. [11.11.11] Video - T-ara Greeting @ Naver Music *** credit : T7Queens @youtube 11.11.11 gone so fast....now i have to wait for 12.12.12.
  3. [11.11.11] Video - T-ara's Comeback Teaser on Music Bank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ6MoccqRsU&feature=player_embedded *** credit : UnknownCarrot180 @youtube / tikaluph@diadem Check out their newly released pictures for their album Black Eyes here: tiaradiadem Man i cant wait!!! Hwayoung, Hyomin , Soyeon , Qri, Eunjung, Boram, Jiyeon!!
  4. ^ i think hyomin was busy filming gyebaek during this performance... as for the event im not sure, i just upload whatever new stuff about t-ara comes up here
  5. [11.11.11] Video - Making of T-ara's MV CRY CRY Translation of Jiyeon's letter at the end “Hello im T-ara’s maknae(youngest) Jiyeon ^^♡ Thank you so much for accepting our MV as a cool MV!! Although me and our t-ara members filmed the MV with much tiring effort, for all the fans that love us crazily, we wrote this letter so that you would watch this MV making interestingly and happily~ ChaSeungwon sunbaenim and ChiChungWuk sunbaenim who has put in so much effort while filming with us, thank you so much~ and to Director ChaEunTaek who has slept in 5days, i love you v v much~~! To all the people that likes me, jiyeon and t-ara and are watching our MV too, we are still T-ara that has many flaws.. We will learn a bit more and become a t-ara that works hard to the best of our abilities! From Qri, boram, soyeon, eunjung, hyomin, hwayoung, and me Maknae Jiyeon~ we wish you would be blissful and wrap up a fun-filled year well~♡” credit : facebook + venusha.tumblr *** credit : T7Queens@youtube
  6. [11.11.11] Video - T-ara @ HopeTv *** credit : tarangongngang@youtube area-11.com + thaovox DL Link : tiaradiadem video gallery Just wanna say, 11.11.11 is the best day of my life! T-ARA BLACK EYES FTW!
  7. [11.11.10] Video - T-ara Comeback Teasers *** credit : T7Queens@youtube
  8. [11.11.10] Video - T-ara featured in Japan K-pop World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCDfzqZQ7D8 *** credit : zkdlaldb@youtube
  9. [11.11.09] Video - T-ara Zig Zag Pang Pang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2xR4NXdSvU&feature=related *** credit : snsdsonejenny @ youtube lololol what the hell is that thing???
  10. ^ hyomin was filming gyebaek i think.. thats why she wasnt able to attend
  11. [11.11.08] Fancams - T-ara in Beijing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmJTUovEdTA Pictures of them arriving in Beijing Airport have been uploaded into the tiaradiadem photo gallery here: tiaradiadem picture gallery will update as more fancams are being uploaded.. *** credit : tiara7jjang@youtube + Maritess@diadem + hamhyoto@youtube
  12. [11.11.06] Chart Ranking - Most Favourited Idol Chosen By Youth's in Korea 1. INFINITE 2. BEAST 3. B1A4 4. GIRLS GENERATION 5.T-ARA 6. SHINEE 7. SUPER JUNIOR 8.IU 9. C REAL 10. BOYFRIEND *** source : krntv
  13. [11.11.06] Video - K-POP Super Concert T-ara http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhDkc5f8O_I&feature=player_embedded *** DL LINK : tiaradiadem video gallery thanks typhoon@diadem for the tip! credit : CrazyCarrotNew310@youtube + cyclone@diadem
  14. but its okay since only 10% of the votes will be counted in..i think digital sales will be the main factor for the song of the year category, and t-ara is doing well there. so there's still a reasonable chance t-ara would win
  15. [11.11.06] Rumour - T-ara to perform in Chinese-Korean Concert? Somebody had come across these piece of information on another person's weibo (China kind of twitter) and wondered if this was true.. It is said that they will be the first one to perform in the upcoming combined concert held in Beijing featuring chinese and korean singers/groups on the 8th of November 2011. Remember this is not official news and it might not be true. Got a tip from tarabest@diadem that the the weibo account of the original poster of this supposed schedule has been deleted, but the reasons are unknown therefore this information might still stand true or false. UPDATE : Pictures of them arriving in Beijing airport have surfaced on the net, and official reports have confirmed that Tara would be performing at the 13th Korea-Chinese Concert which will be broadcasted on the 20th of November. CNBlue、SISTAR、Secret , U-kiss and others will also be performing. Pictures of them arriving in Beijing Airport have been uploaded into the tiaradiadem photo gallery here: tiaradiadem photo galelry *** source : tiara baidu thread credit : Maritess@diadem Ooh I just hope their schedules allows them time to sleep enough...
  16. [11.11.06] T-ara Love Sharing Concert ( Inkigayo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMTzuVSHOJA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IATycqw3Vbk&feature=player_embedded thanks jazzcool@diadem for tip NOTE: I realised some of you may not be able to see the videos because its being blocked in your country..Those who cant see can go to these links : Roly Poly Infinite and T-ara Cut DL LINK : tiaradiadem video gallery *** credit : RandomKpopVids / Tara2NE1TV@youtube + cyclone@diadem
  17. [11.11.05] Chart Ranking - T-ara No.1 Most Downloaded Song From the period of 27th of Feb 2011 to 29th of Oct 2011 1.T-ara Roly-Poly 3,817,061 18 进行中 2.GG 花天酒地 3,561,565 18 进行中 3.2NE1 我最红 3,379,700 19 进行中 4.Miss A Good-bye Baby 3,343,624 15 进行中 5.下垂的蜗牛 鸭嘴亭小混混 3,015,537 17 6.Sistar So Cool 2,959,625 12 进行中 7.Secret 星光月光 2,895,205 20 8.F(x) Hot Summer 2,873,845 17 9.2NE1 Lonely 2,844,146 21 10.2NE1 UGLY 2,827,734 14 进行中 11.Leessang 关掉TV 2,807,940 11 进行中 12.2PM Hands Up 2,802,471 16 13.Beast Fiction 2,750,247 23 14.Davichi 不要说再见 2,746,262 9 进行中 15.金范秀 拜托 2,667,192 23 16.泫雅 Bubble Pop! 2,635,654 16 17.F(x) Pinokio 2,542,871 17 18.2NE1 Hate You 2,514,395 15 进行中 19.SIstar19 Ma Boy 2,504,969 20 20.Beast 下雨的日子 2,500,141 25 进行中 进行中 -- means still ongoing/counting/charting *** credit : tiara组合吧 full chart : pc3 most downloaded chart
  18. [11.10.03] Video - The Beatles Code T-ara (Soyeon Jiyeon Hwayoung) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94Q61IBvZms *** credit : Exueq @youtube
  19. [11.11.1] Video - Tony Moly CF (Eunjung Hyomin Jiyeon) *** credit : tiara7jjang@youtube
  20. [11.10.28] Fancam - T-ara at Busan Beach Hallyu Concert *** credit : tiara7jjang@youtube
  21. [11.10.25] Video - T-ara @ FM4U 2 O'Clock Date Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 For chinese subs go to this link: v.youku chinese sub *** credit : tiara7jjang@youtube
  22. [11.10.26] T-ara at the World Consterntaion News Japan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqBmGngPs0c&feature=player_embedded *** credit : onlyHyomin@youtube
  23. ^ haha thanks! at least can hear their voices...
  24. [11.10.26] Fancams - I Love Busan Concert cr: tarabest@v.youku
  25. [11.10.25] Video - Mnet Wide Interview ( Eunjung Hyomin Jiyeon) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWp_ULS79Ps *** Credit: shu35150714@youtube
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