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  1. [11.10.25] Chart Ranking - Gaon Chart Top 50 2.27-10.15 T-ara 2nd place with ' Roly Poly' *** Source : gaonchart Credit : s-park@diadem
  2. [11.10.24] Quick News - Look Optical with 2PM There would be a mini concert and fansigning event by involving the ambassadors of Look Optical, 2PM and T-ara. Organized by Look Optical. It will be held next year 2012 somewhere around January. LOOK FORWARD TO IT!! *** Source: tiara组合@baidu Credit: s-park @ Diadem This is old news.. around last week. However I didn't notice anybody posting these HOLY piece of information therefore I will post it here to let everyone know and die waiting for it.
  3. [11.10.24] Video - GOM TV Interview *** Credit: yoonbaekhee@youtube
  4. [11.10.24] Video - Eunjung and Jiyeon on Big Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKAA4T8TYtQ&feature=player_embedded They appeared on Big Story Diet last Sunday and were given people where they taught them their roly poly dance steps.. WATCH IT. *** Credit: hamhyoto@youtube DL LINK : tiaradiadem videos
  5. [111021] T-ara congratualted J-ONE [111022] T-ara Incheon Yeonan Budu Festival the actual event took place on 111012. there are still fancams flying around here somewhere... cr: citrinejing02@youtube + hamhyoto@youtube DL LINK : video gallery cr: torrent + cyclone + tiaradiadem.com
  6. i wish allkpop would publish this article..so many people there are are judging T-ara based on Moses comment.
  7. i want their new song now!!!.. well at least they are releasing it after me o'lvl
  8. [111020] K-POP SUPER CONCERT Rough translation: T-ara would be appearing in the k-pop concert to be held on october 28th. other artists such as Kara and Shinee would also be performing. source : http://www.nocutnews.co.kr/Show.asp?IDX=1952138
  9. [111020] Gaon Chart Top 50 t-ara 2nd spot
  10. [111018] T-ara 1vs100 eunjung cr: songhuyz@youtube
  11. [111017] T-ara Tony Moly CF cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com + tiara7jjang@youtube [111018] Tony Moly Making cr: lovet-ara.tumblr + loveby2pon @youtube
  12. [111015] T-ara Special Comeback Music Core Roly Poly Why Are You Being Like This DL Link : tiaradiadem videos cr: tiaradiadem + cyclone : CrazyCarrotNew210 @youtube
  13. [111012] Incheon Yeonan Budu Festival 2011 FANCAMS Jiyeon----- cr: tiara7jjang
  14. [111011] MBC Power Concert cr: KIdolDay @youtube
  15. [111009] T-ara claimed No.1 in Oricon Top 30 Chart oricon cut cr: SmilingSmling@v.youku [111009] Fancams of T-ara in Korean Serious Game Festival + others Jiyeon 2 cr: GirlsFancam / Themosoyeon / tiara7jjang@youtube Pasonty@v.youku dont forget to watch woojung on WGM!!!
  16. [111006] K-POP Road Show E03 T-ara t-ara cut [111008] NTV Happy Music T-ara CUT t-ara cut cr: ojas39 / aboutkorea1 @youtube
  17. [111004] Fan cam t-ara at hallyu dream concert [ cr:bigeastcodecc // iceangellin //ohoctopus@youtube [111006] Hallyu Dream Concert (TV Version) ROLY POLY WHYARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS CR : CrazyCarrotExtra2@YOUTUBE + TIARADIADEM DL LINK : http://www.tiaradiad...showtopic=18177 [111006] T-ARA BPBP WON THE #1 AT ITUNES OVERALL CHART OF JAPAN CR: lovet-ara.tumblr.com
  18. [111003] t-ara's thank-you message for japanese fans thank-you crjudo5015@youtube
  19. [111002] ORICON DAILY CHART t-ara beat snsd debut record of 45k by reaching 47k++..meaning as a girl group they now have the highest debut sales for the week. Total: 47,864 copies cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com [111002] Photos of T-ara at Hallyu Dream Concert in the Tiaradiadem Pictures Gallery they have become 'OPPAS'! http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18137 CR: t-arafan + candy_floss + tiaradiadem.com
  20. [111001] ORICON DAILY CHART OOOOHYEAAAHH!!! t-ara sold double of their sales the previous day and has reached the 40k mark... Total: 44,338 copies cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com
  21. [110930] ORICON DAILY CHART t-ara rebounded back claiming first place again in the oricon chart Total: 38,213 copies cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com [111002] Nongshim Red Hot Project Interview + more! t-ara mv full interview t-ara pikaru (japanese show) cr: jazzcool2003@youtube + lovet-ara.tumblr.com
  22. [110929] ORICON DAILY CHART RANKING 110927 - 20,068 copies 110928 - 9,840 copies 110929 - 4,379 copies Total: 34,287 copies cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com
  23. [110928] T-ara Album Chart Rank HMV Single Daily T-ara : A #1 B #5 Normal #16 http://www.hmv.co.jp/bestsellers/31000011/ TSUTAYA Single 14:30JST T-ara : A #1 B #8 Normal #10 http://www.tsutaya.co.jp/rank/cd_sell.html?r=N004 JBOOK Single Realtime T-ara : A #2 B #15 Normal #13 http://www.jbook.co.jp/p/p.aspx/bun_realrank_11 TOWER RECORDS Daily Sales 110928 T-ara : A #4 http://tower.jp/chart/13 ORICON cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com
  24. [110928] Fancams of T-ara at Lozana Japan mini performance the videos are in the user channels below: kpopliciousable@youtube kasinoyukateyon@youtube cr: to the above users for uploading in youtube.
  25. [110928] Bo Beep Bo Beep Chart HMV Daily T-ara : A #1 B #2 Normal #6 http://www.hmv.co.jp/bestsellers/31000011/ TSUTAYA 16:30 T-ara : A #1 B #6 Normal #8 http://www.tsutaya.co.jp/rank/cd_sell.html?r=N004 JBOOK Realtime T-ara : A #1 B #10 Normal #13 http://www.jbook.co.jp/p/p.aspx/bun_realrank_11 TOWER RECORDS Daily Shibuya 110927 T-ara : A #3 http://tower.jp/chart/3/2011/09/20110927-20110927 cr: ccmgogo.tumblr.com [110927] ZIP! T-ara bo beep bo beep cr: tiara7jjang@youtube; ccmgogo.tumblr.com
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