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  1. "Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines" And if they jumped off a cliff would you make T-ara do so as well? CCM really knows how to annoy people.
  2. Hahaha I'd think I'd react like the guys in the last picture, but I'd be way too embarrassed to actually do anything.
  3. I'm sorry but why does she think she holds the right to hold it. Fair enough she's supposedly a T-ara member now but she has done NOTHING to benefit the group as of now. She should let her debut do the talking and not freaking selcas.
  4. K-Netizens have so much power over their media. It also doesn't help when it's a female thats affected. On the otherhand, male idols get let off the hook for much harsher problems because "omg oppa didn't meant it, oppa didn't do it". Seriously, K-Netizens, smh.
  5. Must be a good sign. Things are looking up. I didn't even know about the site.
  6. Ughhh the "7st" has got me cringing so much. Also, not really a fan of the cover in general
  7. God freaking damnit. K-netizens get SO FREAKING BUTTHURT. Like seriously, there's a fine line between "the customer is always right" and "you must become the customer's b***h".
  8. ^The good old days eh? Everything has just continuously gone downhill. T-ara seem to be for the lack of a better word the poop stain in the Kpop industry right now to many so people. Such a shame...
  9. Unprofessional. Booting her out just for another actress, really? For shame.
  10. My heart literally skipped a beat when I read this. I wish for her and the staff a speedy recovery. 2012 just isn't T-ara's year...
  11. Keep on trucking girl, everyone has to move on. I hope she stays safe.
  12. It was translated by Oniontaker but he closed his tumblr... she posted it on her mini hompy or something along the lines, I'm not too sure about Korean social media, but it definitely wasn't on Twitter. Edit: My bad if that post was fake.
  13. As much as I don't like the idea of it, this article could have easily been written by a journalist paid off by KKS. Now before you go calling me an anti of T-ara - for the records, no, I still fully support both T-ara and Hwayoung. But ask yourself this; why did KKS claim that the tweets which seemed like they were bullying were typed by hackers? Why did Eunjung apologise and say that she made Hwayoung a wangta? Either way we will most likely never have the truth revealed to us, not at least until the remaining members are out of CCM. All of this BS lies down to KKS. Kicking out a member because she refused to perform once? Really? She obviously must have had a valid reason to not have wanted to perform. He crushed a young girl living her dream of performing and to add fuel to the fire he slung dirt at her making her recruitment chances close to nil, all at the expense of protecting the current member's images. All this could have been prevented if he sorted this out in private, Obviously all of that backfired as no one believes in that lying piece of s**t that is KKS and to make matters worse, T-ara is the one who received all of the backlash and KKS walked out scot-free. I mean come on, KKS is the definition of scum. I hope he get's into a scandal of his own, I will revel as he tries to put the blame elsewhere and fail at it.
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