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  1. oh my gosh is that t-ara or are they just hot angels man i just want to play the game right now but it is in korean damn all the members of t-ara look hot and drop dead gorgeous especially jiyeon, boram which are my to favourite idols from t-ara but hyomin just looks sexy in the police out fit why are you guys so pretty for
  2. wow jiyeon looks so cute and pretty there i also love hows she gave eunhyuk the puppy dog eyes look that is pure innocences and aegyo right there also i absolutely adore the last photo of jiyeon the photo of her smiling and appears to be laughing that just made me melt right now and also is that suzy from miss a as the other mc??
  3. omo....... jiyeon please take care of yourself she must feel really sad that she has to miss out on t-ara promotions not only for her sake but for the other members as well aigoo i feel sorry of her jiyeon please rest well and get better soon and comeback strong and healthy again you are in our prayers from all of the diadem community
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