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  1. Wow this is daebak, I'm so excited. But is obviously that they will not come to Mexico Anyway T-ara Fighting!!! :DDDDD
  2. Awww so pretty and daebak!!! I'm jealous, T-ara someday will come to my country???? TT-TT I can see SNSD, U-Kiss and B2ST xDDD T-ara FIGHTING!!!
  3. Jiyeon voice is daebak *-* But I prefer Lyan with JB :/ DH2 Fighting!!!!!
  4. I want more TT-TT Hyomin so cute *--* It looks very..... Awesome *-*
  5. Jiyeon *-* I'm so proud I love DH2 *¬* Hwathing to Jiyeon and all tje cast of DH2!!!! <3<333
  6. T-ara's members are awesome, I'm so proud, all are an example of a awesome and fantastic woman..... T-ara Daebak!!!!! T-ara Fighting!!!!!!1
  7. So Daebak O,O T-ara Daebak!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! But you need to sleep more TT-TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. O.O Hyomin work so hard She need's to sleep ¬¬ TT-TT but the video was awesome *--* Hyomin you're so talented but dont overwork yourself, please
  9. Congratulations Hyomin *---*!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations SPEED!!!!!<33 Fighting to all the artists in CCM <33!!!!!
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