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  1. So after all the hardwork our girls put in three years, they're gonna be given the sack like that. Then those replacements get to hold a concert in July with the other members is just three months of debuting. Three months and three years. You be the judge.

    The one that needs to be replaced asap is the CEO, not our girls.


    She always had the leader vibe in her and she talks really smooooth too!!!!!!!

    IMO, she and Eunjung make the best leaders. Boram's too quiet and Hyomin, yes she had an excellent run as the leader with fantastic promotions, but she just cries everytime they win for RP and Eunjung/Soyeon had to talk for her lololol. Not hating on anyone, love my girls all the same ~~~~

    Goodluck Soyeon! <3 you'll do just fine ~~~~~

  3. Chose Hwayoung.

    Man she gets too little raps in the main titles! Go listen to Ma Boo, I'm Okay and Log-In. HER RAPPING IS LIKE. DAEBAK.

    I love her fierce and husky voice. And clearly you can see after Hwayoung joined Eunjung and Hyomin haven't been rapping much. (:

  4. Extremely risky but they deserves plus points for the courage.

    Of course I would support them, but please I'm not hoping for a YaYaYa 2.0 or some Orange Caramel-sy songs. Btw, they're also coming back too. I see "Brave Brothers and Shinsadong Tiger" and die a little inside lmao. I wanted T-ARA to do ballads for title track actually, wouldn't that be an even more extreme makeover, no? l:

    Nevertheless: Being self-confident = winning half of the battle. Fighting, girls! :D

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