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  1. Wow thankx!!! but aren't you afraid of scanning your album?? Whenever i think of scanning my album its just all fear of damaging the photobook's spine D= .. the only album i've scanned is the Breaking Heart limited ed photobook & the spine is pretty bad condition .. i've stopped scanning or even looking through album photobooks entirely!

    But thnx alot to ppl who scanned and share the pics ^^ well people this is one reason to get Day by Day album, you get all these amazing photos for such a small prize, thats the really wonderful thing about t-ara's korean albums :D

  2. Wow. Awesome collection. Most of it is unopened. I've opened all of my CDs. If I had extra money, I'd buy another copy and keep it unopened like yours.

    Hehe thanks, but ALL my japanese cd's are opened because there's a photocard inside! XD but i tend to open the albums, take out the card and then put it back into the original plastic cover to prevent it from getting dirtied or scratches :) Although some of my korean albums aren't opened bcoz i've already seen what's inside so there's no need to opened them.

  3. OOk guys here it is, i've participated in a T-ara giveaway contest and i've won the prize along with 6 others!!! I'm so happy so i'm here to share my joy with other Queens ^^

    Autographed Album (ALL 8 MEMBERS YO!):


    Autographed poster (ALL 8 MEMBERS AGAIN YO):


    Conclusion: QRI has the nicest signature ever! lolol.. ok i mean she even took the time to draw that crown thing haha ow man she's cute >.<

    * I used to think my japanese collection is the most prized thing i've got. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Make way for the autographed Day by Day album in my korean shelf!

    Japanese shelf:


    Korean shelf: (still looks ugly though , i'm working on that LOLOL)


    Queens come share if you got any autographed T-ara stuffs.. i'm happy and i thank all you queens who helped me (even if you didn't thank you!)

  4. saved my spot hehe. My T-ara shelf is split between Korean shelf & Japanese shelf (nicer display out of the 2)

    Waiting to show you guys my collection but my Day by Day album has not arrived still! ><

    I'll present my Japanese shelf for now XD


    i'm still missing quite a bunch of stuffs on the japanese side.. namely the jewelry box & yayaya albums -.- which i've given up already lol.

  5. [EVENT] T-ara at Fanclub Opening Press Conference (07/14)

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...b-opening-0712/






    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...b-opening-0712/

    CREDIT: nate + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com

    Download Link (294P): http://www.mediafire...pc8syy4bne6yfx2

    Edit: Sorry for the delay in download link, i want to make sure i search every inch of Nate to get every photo before posting the link.

    Mind helping me click the link below? it'll mean alot to me... thanks ^^

    Click Please! ^^


  6. Hi hwayoung, i'm a guy with a warm heart and no double eyelids, i do my work/job diligently and i always make sure my private life never affects my public life, do i fit for your idea type???? T_T .. too bad i'm no celebrity lol. hahaha. Anyway i love reading the girl's bnt interview, really interesting stuffs there. I think i know how hwa would feel since she has experienced the negative sides of being a newly added member, she would probably click well with the 2 new members, she's so nice ^^.

  7. LOL are T-ara endorsing vitamin water or what? ever since jiyeon took a photo of it, then hwayoung(?) i don't remember much ahhaha but this drink ain't that 'healthy' anyway...considered a soft drink. But the cranberry and lime flavoured are not bad! I wanna hug hwayoung >< and boram why're you hiding below lol i almost can't spot you!

  8. First thing i've noticed, EunJung you wearing that same outfit again XD haha the one with the bird. Then, omg Hwayoung's flawless beauty TT.. i especially love Hyomin's new reddish brown hair, it suits her very well! also her leggings hehe. Although EunJung's hair is fading to a little greyish brown =/ and Qri looked SUPER cute with those pigtails and that poofy skirt just like a little princess XD

  9. Thanks! now i can bulk download these without searching for the individual photos i've missed out ^^ .. and yea i agree ppl should stop cropping fantaken photos -.- .. esp ahem.. the fake ccm acc on twitter. Side note, anyone thinks EunJung's dark blue hair turned, greyish, olive green in some photos under the sun? lolol

  10. Definitely, aren't we loving them now? This thread was made back in the 'Lies' days when yea its true T-ara is quite unique back in 2009. But honestly they've went a little mainstream at this point but they're still bringing new and creative stuffs to the table so who's complaining, i'm glad they are going the current path laid out for them :). They've been getting waayyy more new fans after they've went mainstream anyway, but the disadvantage of this is that it's rare to really see a true t-ara fan, most of the new fan's aren't that knowledgeable of their songs etc.

  11. Wow is this like a surprise? I don't see any hate comments on Dani hahaha, where you at guys? heh heh ... I'm quite impressed by Dani's acting here, she does give off some wonder expressions. This MV is going to be a hit, wait it might just be the best, most well directed,epic MV in k-pop history.

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