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  1. Did Eunjung fall at the end of that video? I heard something and everyone looked shocked and they brushed off her knees.
  2. Hahha, that video is amusing, "SHOOT IT, one more one more time!" I wonder who thought "Hm Cry Cry sounds like a war ballad"
  3. We gotta help them conquer, remember Billboard? Need to do that again
  4. So... what's the status on this now? I thought there were more videos to be coming but i've been living under a rock lately listening to rookies
  5. Good to hear that they're still doing well in China. I had somewhat forgotten about the new Banana Project thing and am now wondering how well they are doing at promotions and such, anyone have any insight?
  6. You gotta love mini dresses on the girls. They look really good! I feel like there's a bit much of external enhancement though...
  7. Well I"ve moved into my new apartment now, should I build wall shelves again? $100 in material usually, but it displays the kpop nicely.

  8. Have fun in China! Whatcha going over there for?

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    2. LordNoodles



    3. SacredCultivator


      No T-ara spotting, but did see SNSD's Gee MV playing on some big screen out int he ghetto's but bus was going too fast to take a picture.

    4. LordNoodles


      Ahh ok but SNSD was there. I don't even know C-pop stuff, if there is any.

  9. Good job on your cover group, though the video is a little hard to make out!

    1. ily_shannon


      hahaha! thank you... I'm gonna find better quality of it

    2. LordNoodles


      Share it when you find it!

  10. She's got some fancy shoes for going to bed. Or waking up. The clock shows 7:16
  11. Sixteen night cruise?! Dang that's a long trip. Is it vacation time?
  12. Whoa, Barcelona? I didn't know that there was an event there. Granted, I'm not particularly close being in the Midwest of USA, but still I thought I would hear about this. What kind of event is it?
  13. *nosebleeds*. I didn't know they were going with this theme. I wonder what the song is gonna be about?
  14. Dangit the links are down I look forward to seeing the subtitled versions, hopefully it isn't too heartbreaking!
  15. Hello and welcome! We are noodle brethren!

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    2. LordNoodles


      Well... nice paying job would be preferred. When does enlistment start?

    3. Noodledoodle


      Depends on what job I'm picking, I'm still on the waitlist so it might take a few months. Good thing basic training is only 2 and a half months long haha

    4. LordNoodles


      Bleh. I've been super busy lately, yourself?

  16. Howdy!

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    2. red4summer


      i just watched some of their concerts etc in japan. i understand that political and historical reasons have caused it more difficult to promote these days but i would like to see them back in japan again. j-queen's is still waiting and i think mbk is still looking at opportunities to return.

    3. LordNoodles


      Yes, I do believe more Japanese releases would be good too, Japan pays a lot and they're well received there anyway. That's probably in the works, but just not quite yet. MBK is the new company, new CEO and all, maybe they do things a little differently.

    4. red4summer


      the new ceo is probably looking at more opportunities outside japan to generate more interest. the reception in china is very encouraging and it's worth trying because the market is vast. probably he wants t-ara to lead the way for the rest of the mbk artists. win-win situation for all and lets hope t-ara returns to japan soon. however it all depends on how the long the longzhen contract is, it may take at least 1-2 years.

  17. While I would like to see Eunjung or any of the other girls back in dramas, they seem busy enough as is with activities and concerts and fan meets right now, and with this webseries coming up, I'll be happy to watch that.
  18. Awesome, I like this guy's directing, he's worked well with the girls before a few times and has supported them during the witch-hunt in 2012, so I'm happy to see them working together again.
  19. Yissssss.... getting all those CF/sponsor contracts now in China after not having any in Korea. When I was over there, I didn't see anything with them on it unfortunately, but Suzy was friggin everywhere.
  20. Man, you are FAST. Good job! What did you guys think of the performance?
  21. Woohoo it's been a fun couple of years following T-ara! Happy anniversary! May we have many more
  22. Howdy! I like to upload videos!

  23. I'm absolutely confused why it's so split up, isn't this a bit like Voldemort splitting his soul up into horcruxes? Weird.
  24. I wonder how many concepts they think of... and when I can see the next long-film music video. Heck, make a full movie already!

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