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  1. Too cool for words! Really love this special stage Can't wait to have the interview subbed ^^~
  2. I see.. Thanks, guess I'll have to pass on this year's registration
  3. Hey guys, can someone help me? I was reading through the post and I've seen someone who encountered a similar problem. I'm buying the 'ticket' through yes24, the English website and I'm trying to sign up for an account and there's this one part below: Foreign number : Foreign Registraion Number passport number *Note: you have to select either the Foreign Reg # or the passport one What's the foreign number? I have yet to get my passport so should I just put down my ID/driver licence card number instead?
  4. Mhmmm, it seems this time around, the international fans can get the 'special goods'. Just wondering for those who've already paid the 20,000KRW, was it all online or did you have to go to a 3rd party (ie. a bank) to pay for it?
  5. Woooooooah she kept it pretty hush hush about this. But I'm glad that there was someone there to help her through the controversy. And I'm glad she's happy
  6. First thought when seeing the title before reading the article: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! After reading it: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo.... eh? Isn't "Jeonwon Diary will be released in 5 versions" a bit over the top? From what I understand, they're having 5 different American rap artist do the rapping part in English.. I don't know.. it just seems.. weird.. Regardless, I'm quite happy about them coming to the US. It seems that they'll be in Las Vegas on the 25th of this month? dang... If I had known sooner, it would've been my graduation trip/present to myself :< Partying in Vegas and meeting T-ara.,. two birds with one stone!
  7. Ooo, so they're staying in the country for 5 days ~ too bad... I'm all the way in SF TT^TT
  8. Why are they so CUTE!? Can't wait for their first performance T-ara N4!! GOOD LUCK!!
  9. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *squeals and runs around in circles* omgomgomg, I really really like Eunjung's picture in this, Hyomin is kind of 'meh', Jiyeon looks like she's doing a ghost play because of the lighting and for some reason when i saw Areum's picture, i was thinking of a fortuneteller.... again, because of the lighting And when I'm scanning the 'titles' on each pages, my proofreading habit came out and that 'begining' bugged the hell out of me xD
  10. I have to agree with you lol, Eunjung's track, right off the bat, when i heard the first 2 seconds, I thought "oh.. this sounds like a nice anime OST" xD Boram like you said, is very bubbly.. almost reminds me of those anime with school life themes to it. Makes me think of the MC running to school with this song playing in the background~ I kind of wished Soyeon and Jiyeon had tried a different genre as well although their ballads' (is it considered one?) are nice ^^~ I can't wait to hear the rest of the previews, Hyomin's especially.
  11. I prefer ballad type songs so Soyeon + Areum's song is the one I liked most. I wanted to get the 3 musketeers' CD, but probably hold off until i can get a good listen of it, I love the first part of the song however towards the middle/end the sound seem to get all muddled. Maybe it's just me but for ~25$ I want to like the song before i buy it, even if one of my most favorite members is in there. Unfortunately I don't own a money tree here.. just a broke college student about to graduate T^T
  12. I really really like the, would it be called, the chorus (?) section. Where they do the bunny dance. I'm not liking it cuz of the bunny dance, although it is really cute, but I just like the tempo of it. Plus, it's been on repeat during the promotional videos lol
  13. Sounds interesting! Seems like this is targeted mainly to the male population because, well I don't know about other girls but I'm a bit weird'd out by the objective in trying to seduce them to get love points... But i do want to win stuff from T-ara! xD Regardless, it's only in Korean and Japanese.. and I don't know either language
  14. Oh dear.. I'm going to be SO broke I'll hold off on buying the regular solo editions
  15. there's this fancam too, it has LD and RP: The remix are actually decent. But with the sound quality as it is in this fancam, I can't really tell, but it sounds nice ^^
  16. *dying of curiosity* Geeeh Seriously want to know what she was talking about.. Hyooooomin <3
  17. Do I see the yeon sisters holding hands?! Boram looks sleepy~
  18. <3 I just watched The Thousandth Man (finally with subtitles!! Couldn't find any at the beginning ) and I'm just gushing over Hyomin right now
  19. Have knetizens started bashing T-ara on being hypocrites yet? Guess they just want any reason to bash on T-ara.. pathetic really... I'm confused.. are pachinko machines gambling or not? o.o
  20. Ooo a lot of them answered my 2nd favorite T-ara song (promotion song that is), Like The First Time and Jiyeon revealed an interesting information about my all time favorite song (evers!)! Some of their answers are a bit confusing and actually kind of funny.. like Soyeon's recently brought an inn in a forest... Unless she meant she brought those items (the hat and ring) at an inn in the forest. I guess Jiyeon didn't buy anything recently, but received a gift from her mom(?) Thanks for the translation/update/cool information~
  21. Was this during a rehearsal or was this the actual event? They look cool performing in those outfits
  22. Woah.. o_O that looked kind of scary. Seems like it started with just one fan dashing towards them and then a whole mob came. Don't these events usually have those metal fencing to keep the fans at bay? It sure looks like there wasn't any (seeing as how that guy dashed up there so fast) Regardless, I'm glad no one got seriously hurt and I hope that this type of event doesn't occur again.
  23. hahaha, Jiyeon was so dorky towards the end!! Wish there was more of Soyeon but they were all so pretty ^^
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