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  1. Me too. I simply hope that she will have one line in the song.
  2. Oh my gorgeous Boram Hope she got a chance to shine more.
  3. hi have a nice day!^^..

  4. Boram can't learn fast for new move. However, she dance very well in live performance. I think she is a really hard working behind the scene. Boram fighting!! I love people that are hard working and sincere. ============================================================================ After watching the video, I think Boram did best and Hyomin follows in the second place. ........ In live performance, the ranking should be following: 1. Hyomin 2. Eunjung 3. Boram 4. Jiyeon 5. Qri 6. Soyeon Proof: Please look into details.
  5. OH MY GOD. Now, I know why Boram caught cold out of a sudden. P.S. you guys can hear her voice changed in the live interview with father in a morning talk show.
  6. hayy fellow boram stan :x teehee just dropping by ^^

  7. [PIC] Boram Twitter Self Cam (10/20) CREDIT: Boram's Twitter + leehoka + tiaradiadem.com Love this self cam so much. Her eyes is so beautiful. Big, round, clear and so innocent looking. I now definitely understand why she can have little or no make up when she is on TV.
  8. Now, I saw HwaYoung. I am sure our Boram is still the cutest visual maknae. Check it out
  9. Yeah. We could care less about the controversial video. What important is now and not the past. I believe her. You can't see the girl's face in the video. We should be supportive. Jiyeon!! Fighting! Be strong. We love you so much.
  10. Thank you so much for this awesome translation. You guys are so generous and amazing. I love this news. It is great to see such a great mother daughter relationship. Boram really care about her mother. Her only wish is for her mother as well. Her mother care and think about boram a lot too.
  11. [PICS] Boram T-ara Twitter Update (09/15) Similar background as Eunjung latest update. CREDIT: Boram's Twitter + leehoka + tiaradiadem.com
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