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  1. they look so happy in this mv.........Haha and dani is cute
  2. Just the teaser only could make me addicted to it..Sexy love is really catchy..cant wait for a full mv. Even though i'm a bit worried for the comeback, i know they can do it!! Fighting.
  3. I love you qri unni....hehehe...her handwriting is nice...Hope everything is okay now,..can't wait for the comeback...sexy love please be a hit!!
  4. I hope music shows let them comeback and don't ban them. i hope they can smile again, even though maybe it will be hard to win and receive an award or smth like that. I hope they can pass through this storm...everything's gonna be okay! I believe...feeling excited for their comeback )
  5. Woaa daebak. Kim hye eun have brain indeed. She's really wise. Don't just make conclusion from sns and judge them like that. Hmmmm i think i should watch haundae lovers now kekeke.
  6. Hyomin unni fighting!!!! Hope everything is going smoothly...Be strong...!
  7. Ah i don't know how to react this..desicion has been made..so i hope those 2 new members really good at singing and help t-ara to be better and better..but..i don't know..that means the other member will get less part at singing..then how about boram and qri??? They won't sing? Argggh i hope they get more solo activities if it's like that, so they have a thing to do. I wish the curent members doesn't feel sad about this desicion and will get better at everything.Actually i can't accept it yet..kks really drives me crazy.but as a fan i have to support t-ara no matter what. Fighting!!
  8. Really proud to be your fan..^^ So kind...i hope T-ara will receive more more more loveeee...because they are so kind ^^
  9. Hmm i really dont get the idea. but still, enjoy your trip T-ara! I hope those girls always together and kks never break T-ara.
  10. T-ara is the only girl group that i like. If he really changes this group member,,molla,hmm..this is just stupid.. Why?? After all of their hardwork,after all they have got..this is crazy.. His mind is not right
  11. Please dont change the member.. If there are any replacement member maybe it's hard for fans to accept it.. Kks please be careful dont make a bad decision,,7 t-ara is the best now!!
  12. I don't know i will keep liking T-ara or not if kks change the member..argh so frustating!!
  13. I think they will be success in Japan, seems T-ara receive a lot of loves from Japanese... but I hope they dont force themself and have enough rest.. I think they will be success in Japan, seems T-ara receive a lot of loves from Japanese... but I hope they dont force themself and have enough rest..
  14. They are so cute... Wanna see them,, TT pity I dont live in lombok,,
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