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  1. 1-2 more day(s) to go! Hope there will be a sub group that will take on the project!
  2. Ouch...hope she gets plenty of rest and recovers well! It's bad to keep receiving damage to the same few places!
  3. Only excited about Jiyeon; the rest of the cast seems meh.. Also glad that Roly Poly will be in it! Was kind of sad that there wasn't any T-ARA songs in DH1.
  4. One should have been able to guess from the silhouette. Jiyeon's facial features are quite unique afterall Glad that he was at the Lovey Dovey Zombie MV shoot! Can't wait for the next episode where we can see the rest of T-ARA and maybe some of the behind the scenes!
  5. But how long would they keep this up? I was expecting maybe just a day or at most a week...
  6. Yup! Would love to see more T-ara dance moves in DH2! Especially Lovey Dovey since they have 'clubbing scenes' from the screenshots.
  7. I hope she will have even more scenes in DH2 compared to Eunjung in DH!
  8. The MV was awesome with the mixing of "We were in love" parts. The drama parts were so heart wrenching and exciting. Great to know the explanation too.
  9. I really like the progress they have made since their debut. The recent albums are really awesome! And I think I've seen all the performance (online) in the clips the video shows!
  10. The chants seem to match the song..When I first saw it performed, I thought it was part of the background music..
  11. I love her amazing cuteness and attitude! Hope she rises up the charts with time!
  12. Great that they won! Can anyone explain to me what the different points for the 3 groups (fan votes? judge's score?) that kept showing before the final score was tallied represent?
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