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  1. Hmm its an typical mv..didn't sync entirely with the singing? girls are cute! Especially the last part. but on the plus side, boram has more screen time and lines.
  2. whoa so much money lost.. like everyone else mentioned, the money should be split up so that it is easier to move about (not with the burden of one big bag of money). But what has happened has happened, i hope eunjung will be okay.. and the entire trip to be smooth too.
  3. awesome they are doing so much for the animals. this will certainly raise awareness towards such issues. no matter how small the contributions are it is still the deed that matters.
  4. Looking forward to their 1st japanese album! hopefully there will some new songs rather than putting all their current japanese songs together with some remixes. anyways the covers are pretty LQ to me :X
  5. yeah doesn't sound like "freedom" to me. But at least they get to go on a "holiday" for a relatively long time. It is still interesting for us to see them filming the documentary and i hope they would enjoy themselves as well! (hope to see subs for this too)
  6. must have been a funny sight, taking 10 hours to convince eunjung to accompany her for the photoshoot haha. but i think it will be a great holiday for them!
  7. Honestly i don't understand why they want to do this. They've achieved so much and now they want to change members? i guess we can only wait till more information regarding this is revealed.
  8. yay i'm happy for the girls! i hope they will enjoy the vacation to the fullest though it is a little short especially for jiyeon who has to film.
  9. Wow First solo concert! Congrats T-ara! and so many good things happening at the same time I'm looking forward to July already
  10. @jaster: most likely that is the case? the preview looks good and eunjung's voice is really nice I'll be looking forward to the release of the full MV!
  11. ahh i really want to go there right now.. it will sure be an awesome experience to the fans there i hope someone will have share this experience here in the forums haha
  12. she looks so pretty. showing her forehead like that reminds me of her in the past and that is a refreshing image thanks for sharing the awesome pictures!
  13. Her voice really suits ballads. through this i hope she sing more ballads in the future this song deserves to go into the OST~
  14. that is awesome and really kind of the fans to provide a warm meal when they are filming in the cold i'm glad that jiyeon and the staff are loving it
  15. this is a great article the girls are really hardworking even though they don't have much rest. i don't really know about them venturing into Europe and such though, it would be tough but i know they will do well in due time
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