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  1. yay thanks for sharing the cuts and the entire video as well! you are guys able to sub this? it will be awesome if you do thank you so much!
  2. woah 4 members got into the list! thats a great achievement for them i wonder where this is from? a survey?
  3. wow congrats! i totally agree with Jchan, she is getting more and more attention (and prettier as well) these days
  4. their position still looks good! hope they continue to get #1 place in music shows for weeks to come!
  5. thanks for sharing the scans! awesome quality and i know the pictures are going to be great too
  6. wa awesome! hyomin guest on running man? i'm totally looking forward to it its a pity that i won't be able to watch it when it releases..
  7. Waa jiyeon looks awesome here :3 the DH2 cast looks promising as well! Totally lookin forward to watching the show when it's released!
  8. This is a great idea! I love this show and photos are easier to find now thanks!
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