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  1. woww go t-ara~!!! i hope they keep doing well :] and hopefully i can show my support by purchasing their album soon
  2. haha i love it~!! and thank you ccm! it's lovely to see the girls having fun in the mv:] did anyone else catch their manager grooving to the song in the mv? xD
  3. i can't wait for this~! hahaha jiyeon's kiss scene with kim soo hyun !!
  4. wow i can't wait to see this, hopefully jiyeon has a funny character!! hehe
  5. yay~ i love running man, now that hyomin is in it, i can't wait!!
  6. haha i love how they're just enjoying themselves and laughing off mistakes xD
  7. yay~ t-ara hwaiting~! i wonder what they are holding in their hands..
  8. i hope all members and jangwoo do their best for this musical and also make time for rest~! hwaiting~
  9. yeaaa~! go t-ara~~ i wish i could go to america and attend their concert hahaha i hope they can visit other countries ~!
  10. wooww they won and kept their promise~! how i wish i was on the same train xD t-ara hwaiting!
  11. ije lovey lovey dovey uhuhuhuh~ although i didn't understand what was said during the mv, i still grasped the main ideas through t-ara's excellent acting~! the mv was daaaaaaeeeeebbbbaaakkkk~!!!
  12. wooo~ yayy rest well t-ara~! they totally deserve it, hahaha they should get heaaapppps of sleep xD
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