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  1. ahhh i can't wait for this song, hopefully we get to hear eunjung's long note like we did in star life theatre!
  2. aw man i wish i was living in korea so i could attend their concert! i hope they have fun with their first solo concert
  3. i'm really happy with how eunjung answered the question, just have fun on the stage girls! can't wait for next cycle of promotions!
  4. Yay I can't wait for this especially because I watch running man regularly, running man vs idols! I'm not even sure who I'll be backing hahhaha thanks for sharing fancams
  5. I hope Areum can prove that she's really worth being the 8th member ! haha I hope she can start shedding her layers lol xD
  6. it's been a while so it was nice to watch their performances again thank you for sharing :]
  7. ahh jiyeon looks so pretty!! i hope she stays healthy :]
  8. I can't wait to see the twins perform together!! so excited xD!!
  9. i wonder why they couldn't just come up with their own song and have a proper comeback .. other than that, i can't wait for their version of it!! hwaiting!
  10. yess, i love this song, im looking forward to this performance t-ara and davichi hwaiting!!
  11. go t-ara!! i think we have a fanclub name now :] soyeon says it in their acceptance speech for this win at around 0:36 We are 퀸즈 (Queens)
  12. the claps at the end seemed really lifeless, if i was in the crowd i would probably be in tears and clapping like a seal ... hahahha thanks for sharing :]
  13. thanks for sharing fancams :] i love the third one the best haha looks like she's having fun
  14. eunjung always looks happy and pretty i love her smile
  15. wow, they all look so pretty, i hope they have a happy lunar new year~!!
  16. thank you for sharing :] i couldn't stop watching their feet during lovey dovey xD hahaha
  17. woo~!! go t-ara! i hope they keep winning :] t-ara hwaiting!
  18. wow, i like it, especially the end~!! i like the jap lyrics hahaha
  19. well deserved awards for our hard working girls~!! congratulations t-ara :] thanks for sharing :]]
  20. go~go t-ara~!! congratulations to t-ara for winning i loved their performance, thanks for sharing :]
  21. awww i wonder what they're crying about as well i love how they don't mind showing their make up free faces and i love it when they play with their manager~! hahha
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