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  1. Damn.. I can't watch it. The video's already in private -_______- Can you upload it again?
  2. It's official. I am now spazzing all over my room because of this news. I need to start saving right now in order to watch T-ara in the Philippines! :"> I hear SNSD is also coming to the Philippines some time in january. 2013 is gonna be awesome!
  3. It's not that I still haven't moved on about hwayoung leaving T-ara, but it's clear that they/areum can't fill in the gap hwayoung left (her rap in the songs that she's been part of to be exact) T-ara. Maybe eunjung or hyomin, can but areum? That would be quite questionable. Areum has a great voice and it needs to be further developed and showcased. I really feel bad for areum's talent for not being properly used. KKS really doesn't know how to take care of his idols properly. T/N: I'm not an anti, it's just that I'm really disappointed on how t-ara is being handled by KKS. If KKS managed the girls properly, all these controversies wouldn't have happened. BTW thanks for posting these videos here in diadem, all of us appreciated it! () T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!
  4. *sigh* They're only doing this now? The damage has been done, eunjungs drama contract have already been terminated. they should've done this yesterday or hours just after the "five fingers sudden contract termination" have started to spread... The K-entertainment industry really isn't as effective as what we see as a fan/viewer. They're just digging up their own grave. Soon, people around the world will get tired from all these issues surrounding th k-entertainment industry if they continue to be like this. If it wasn't for the T-ara and all other k-pop idols that I love, I would've stopped supporting the K-entertainment industry.. All of these misfortune that has been surrounding T-ara started when KKS terminated hwayoung's contract. They should really be handled by a better company.
  5. "@sokyul: You touch my heart bay-behhh touch touch"

  6. Photo: #티아라 #Tiara #Tara #DayByDay #LeeAreum #이아름 #Areum #아름 #8thMember #NewMember (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/Wy7ZMvy

  7. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/LcVdbHZ T-ARA - Notice comeback next week

  8. I just woke up yet i'm still sleepy. :|

  9. Photo: T-ara’s newest addition LeeAreum #티아라 #Tiara #Tara #DayByDay #Areum #LeeAreum (Taken with Instagram) http://t.co/KhIdfQn

  10. Pardon me while I burst into flames

  11. ♪ Roly Poly, Roly, Roly Poly ♪

  12. I'm a KUPAL boys member. K-eeping U-nity, P-eace A-nd L-ove.

  13. RT"@WagTanga: Good things come to those who wait."

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