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  1. Queen Eunjung with long hair!!! she need to grow it, she look so good
  2. That dress! Her body is so amazing, i wish i have that body
  3. Ugh i wanna watch these, I love how Eunjung and Hyomin been on singing show, love there voices
  4. Oh my god! she look so good, she is always beautiful
  5. Ughhhh! i want to buy something from ours Queens.
  6. Yea i like Number 9 better than "what do i do", but both song are still better than any kpop song that came out this year
  7. what happen to her's leg? that look painful, hope she feel better
  8. they are perfection! i can finally hear them clearly, they sound soooo goood
  9. hope there is better view of the concert, wanna see them do barbarar
  10. can't wait for it !!!!!! i havn't seen them on variety show in a while
  11. awwww, i love how they are still in touch!! the food look so good
  12. wow i didn't know she had a dog!!!! They're so cute!
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