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  1. hi zuki! i'm really really really sorry for not replying! i'm sincerely sorry! you probably hate me now xD i'm so sorry! the thing is, i've been pretty busy the past year because of school stuff and i could only update in the forums i work as a staff..i couldn't get online much as well, as for the qri forum, i accidentally deleted it!! i am so sorry!! i thought it was another forum i founded (in which it didnt develop to the least), because

    1. Q-yeon


      *and um..continuation*

      i think i was multi-tasking that time with the admin CPs. but i'm planning to do another one again and being active here in tiaradiadem as well, and i was wondering if you could help me start one and promote it? (i'm sorry i'm really rude i didn't reply to you and then i'm asking a favor, sorry!)anyways, if you're really busy, it's alright, i'll do it myself :) thanks zuki, and i'm sorry again :)

  2. xami ah~what's wrong with our Kyu forum? 0*0

  3. OMO she looks so pretty and cute.. i think she looks best when she ties her hair, she really looks cute and neat. thanks by the way!
  4. of course i wont ^^ i haven't been here for a long time,too. cause of my study...prevent me being here. its okay ~^v^~ aw~my name is suzuki *like a firm of motor =))*just call me zuki ^^

  5. HEY! I'm so sorry for the really really really really late reply, hope you're not mad :)

    i'm xami and sure we can be friends! wat can i call you co-qri lover? =D

  6. BAEK HEEE! OMO I love the last pic, her eyes are so seductive!! and hot hot hot! pilsuk and jason's stage is too cute! =D YAYYY~
  7. boram is so cute with the bear! and my qri is so lovely as usual! and OMO jiyeon is super cute! =D thanks! i want that teddy bear!
  8. I remember when she was still innocent and friendly, she was really cute! but now as the antagonist, her outcome is really like a bad girl! But that's what make me love her more and more!
  9. eunjung eunjung eunjung looks super pretty and gorgeous! i love her clothes and it suits her well! =D
  10. OMO! qri looks super pretty in the 2nd pic! and as usual boram looks so tiny and cute! =D thanks!
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