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  1. Yeah, and it's definitely not because she, I don't know, was forced to go. I'm pretty sure Eunjung can't just flop down and throw a tantrum at will, so of course she went. LOL at the beauty salon reference, though, just proves my point that the bandwagon on this site is anti-Hwayoung. What exactly is the problem with going to the beauty salon to rest when she was allotted time to do so? "LOOKING FOR PITY ON TWITTER" omggg stop, you're like the stereotypical fan now. I've heard all this before; it's all good. Because, you know, getting kicked out isn't big or anything. Nope. Yep! It's all acting out the victim role, just like Hwayoung. Getting kicked out, being ostracized, getting attacked on Twitter - all acts. ACTING GENIUS ^^~ EVEN GOT THE RAP INSTRUCTORS IN ON IT TOO. Because you know Eunjung so well, right? Can you, like, call her out for tea or something, because I'd like to make friends with her and know her as well as you do. All I've ever seen in Eunjung on camera, so please forgive my ignorance. No doubt she's the most determined person in the world, right, like my boy Jesus. I could very well say that you're acting like some delusional fan. It's not too late to jump off the bandwagon of looking wise and "seeing through the lies." Besides, I'm not cyberbullying, stop throwing that word around without proper usage. I admit, I lost sleep over it.
  2. So yeah, she's been paid for what she's done so far \o/ All's fair right? She didn't start filming yet :)
  3. All an act to act pitiful, I think. It's kinda sad actually. To quote someone (talking about HwaHwa, ofc), Eunjung is "acting like the poor victim."
  4. Always be humble ^^ and sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^ The differences in level of determination ^^ Let us all have more determination~ Actually it looks like Eunjung had determination I guess~
  5. Always be humble ^^ and sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^
  6. The differences in level of determination ^^ Let us all have more determination~ But I suppose everything happens for a reason.
  7. lol i can see why i came off that way, my bad - sarcasm and Internet at late night don't mix well.
  8. ...you realize i was not attacking you in the first place? i was just saying there IS no original because people all have different conceptions of a group with constantly changing members.
  9. they DEBUTED officially as six. so either 5/6 can be considered original, 7 CANNOT. EDIT : lol Scatter_88mil is now a legitimate flamer in my book since you support 6-ara; that i can understand.
  10. Actually, no, but now that you mention it, make it yes - there IS NO original 7, and as a fan from 6 I'm upset you're saying original 7. See what I did there? Also, I quote - "still only loving the original seven!" lol, so what, you'd be okay with me putting six there instead? Or hell I followed from FIVE so I guess I'll flame boram/qri/soyeon too while I'm at it
  11. so? people who said original six got over it and hwa's good now - so a new generation of fans will think of 9 as the original like you think 7 is the original.
  12. ...you guys know saying you want jiyeon AND hwayoung as maknaes makes no sense, right? and you got used to hwa, you'll get used to these two lol just watch people will suddenly be fine in half a year =/
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