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  1. [12.09.10] Quick News - "T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 ~KOREAN ver.~"

    T-ARA’s Best of Best 2009-2012 ~KOREAN ver.~

    ≪10th October Release≫


    TOCT-20985 2,800yen(Including Tax)

    ■Korean lyrics and Japanese translation of the whole song and Japanese katakana pronunciation

    ■24P Special Booklet

    【CD】14 Songs ※Songs included are at the list below


    MUSIC VIDEO CLIP Compilation Special

    公開当時話題となった「Bo Peep Bo Peep (Sexy ver.)」をはじめ、超新星とのコラボ 曲「T.T.L(Time To Love)」「T.T.L Listen2」や、「ウェイロニ」「yayaya」「Roly-Poly」など14 titlesの

    MUSIC VIDEO Included!

    TOCT-20984 4,500yen(税込)

    ■Korean lyrics and Japanese translation of the whole song and Japanese katakana pronunciation

    ■24P Special Booklet

    【CD】14 Songs ※Songs included are at the list below

    【DVD】 MUSIC VIDEO CLIP 14 Titles. Songs included are at list below.

    ≪17 October Release≫


    TOCT-29090 5,500yen(Tax Inclusive)

    ■Korean lyrics and Japanese translation of the whole song and Japanese katakana pronunciation

    ■72P Deluxe PHOTO BOOK


    【CD】14 Songs ※Songs included are at the list below

    【DVD】 Europe Trip Up Close MOVIE about 120 Mins

    【MUSIC / 収録内容 】 *Same for all editions

    1. Bo Peep Bo Peep

    2. 嘘 (Lies)

    3. T.T.L(Time To Love)

    4. T.T.L Listen 2

    5. あなたのせいで狂いそう (IGCBOY)

    6. yayaya

    7. ウェイロニ(どうしてそうなの) (WAYBLT)

    8. 私がとても痛くて (IRH)

    9. We Are The One

    10. 初めてのように (LTFT)

    11. Roly-Poly

    12. Roly-Poly in コパカバーナ

    13. Cry Cry

    14. Lovey-Dovey

    【MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS / 収録内容 】

    1. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Sexy ver.)

    2. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Dance ver.)

    3. 嘘

    4. T.T.L(Time To Love)

    5. T.T.L Listen 2

    6. あなたのせいで狂いそう

    7. yayaya

    8. どうしてそうなの

    9. 私がとても痛くて

    10. We Are The One

    11. 初めてのように

    12. Roly-Poly ver.1

    13. Roly-Poly ver.2

    14. Roly-Poly in コパカバーナ

  2. I voted Yes for the first one and help t-ara increase their popularity for the second.

    Frankly speaking we haven see what the 2 members can add to the group yet and there is already so much hate and so much assumptions about dani and the 8th member. like how people hate hwayoung initially and in the end still like her after some time. why not just see what they do after they debut then make their judgement. if you still dont like them then you can make them your least favorite but they will still be part of T-ara and fans dont throw hate into their own group members. Do you guys see kamilias hate hara/jiyoung?or AS fans hate eyoung or uee?nope.

  3. T-ara started out as 6 members originally, not 7.

    T-ara started out as 5 members originally, not 6.

    Anyway Let me welcome the 2 new members :)

    They pushed forward the introducing of the new members,which is good rather then keep us hanging there till the album releases.

    Just hope these 2 members will be another case of successful looks+vocals combo like minkyung and hyomin from ccm :)

  4. [12.04.06] What's the role of the 2 new members of T-ara?


    Changes that will be made to girl group T-ara have been revealed. The current 7 members will be strengthen by the addition of 2 more members, forming a 9 member girl group.

    Kim Kwangsoo, T-ara and Core Contents Media's CEO revealed to "DISPATCH' on the 5th that T-ara will have 2 new members and will operate as a 9 member girl group.

    What's the rationale behind the 9 member T-ara? Kim Kwang Soo revealed that this was a decision so as to help T-ara solidify its position in the music industry. Adding in 2 members who are outstanding in their singing abilities is to help them fulfill their role as singers even better in the future.

    This is also to bring about a breathe of fresh air into the group, as Lead Vocalist Soyeon usually carries most of the responsibilities in singing when the group is promoting. The 2 new member will help to reduce the burden on Soyeon. Furthermore, with an even stronger vocal line, T-ara will have more choices when it comes to songs in the future.

    Kim KwangSoo added that "The 2 new members are around the same age as the current members and brought about even more harmony to the current team." and "The new members are good in singing, that's why there are invited to join and help T-ara grow and develop as singers".

    T-ara also added their 7th member Hwayoung in July 2010 on their initial 6 member foundation.


    Translated by: xxxiang@Diadem

    As usual my translation might be a bit off but main meaning is there.

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