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  1. i bet if they sign or customize the back cover of the phone, it will sell like crazy~
  2. is the big size guy carry jiyeon her manager? wa shiok sio XD jiyeon take cares and get well soon^^
  3. aiming for the best gal group in korea! weee~ t-ara jiang! and jiyeon get well soon~
  4. jiyeon is cute as always!! cute kitties~ hehehe the kittie ears on them fit really great! tara jiang!
  5. or at least a special episode with in interviews + perf!! we want them on strong heart >.<
  6. so this is a game? or an app?? either way theres bound to be alot of cute expressions of them^^ tara jiang!
  7. LOL 23million = win! and its catching... im sure alot of ppl are replaying the video.. just like me XD
  8. looks like wonder girls are no longer the onli retro queens.. tara jiang! can't wait for their next album!!
  9. jiyeon take cares! get well soon! jiyeon jiang! if we cant see you on stage, just post a pic of yourself will do! health = first!
  10. all i can say is.. naise (y) but the money is split among all the members right? ~,~
  11. their outfits are nice~~ but reminds me of wonder girls>.< so hot>.<
  12. nice~~~ t-ara would be excited to see this.. if they come to tis forim tat is~~ tara jiang!!!
  13. congrads.. all ur hard work has paid off!! tara jia you..
  14. tks alot for sharing^^ its cute=) t-ara jiang==DDDD hyomin jiang ~!~!~
  15. wow! tks alot fo sharing the pics. its really quite a different look from the usual concept
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