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  1. i only interested to watch this drama because of eun jung.. and now..i dont think i will watch it..
  2. the picture looks like she hurt her neck bad..please get well soon soyeon!
  3. aja2 fighting hyomin! i hope all the reporters will not shooting her with all question regarding the scandal..
  4. @terfaktab rase nak muntah *puke*

  5. I hope Allkpop in the list! i really can't stand allkpop which only upload negative story about t-ara..and never a positive one..
  6. if they really want the truth, they should meet KKS.. i can't wait to hear the news tomorrow.. but i read somewhere that the protest is canceled and the leader of t-jinyo is merely only 15 years old..
  7. I just hope she will be success no matter what company she signing..but, isn't too soon for her to make move?
  8. good decision but i still hope t-ara still coming to malaysia..
  9. is that really her?hope everything will be fine..and the girls can comeback to the stage just like before.. did someone see the article on alk about eunjung said sorry and thank you at her fansite? me too..i also think that hwoyoung..
  10. u're malaysian??me too!it's been awhile since jay park's cases netizens acting crazy like this..and hope t-ara still be strong to get through this! please make this happen!!
  11. just spend your time solving this mess KKS!! t-ara on fire right now and u only care about anti-s xxxx!!
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