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  1. There is really got Taiwanese version of BPBP...but the singer is a 40+ years old woman... I heard that her album was in hot sale because of this BPBP song...
  2. For those didn't know about Dream Girls..here's some pictures of them...
  3. Congratz to T-ara... I'm just wanna say : ' I was born to love T-ara ! '
  4. Soyeon looks like only 16 years old in the pictures...So cute ..
  5. wow~Hyomin...She looks perfect in every single moment..
  6. I'm glad that they are still famous after the incident.. But I think they need to get a full rest or vacation first.. I'm kinda worried about them when I saw their pictures they seem very tired already especially Jiyeon... She looks exhausted ..
  7. wow .. she's really looks gorgeous.. love her natural smile...and her legs too..
  8. the 4th place is pretty good already since there have Psy & BigBang on the list... but i'm just don't know who the heck is BuskerBusker
  9. HongZaii

    Jiyeon App 2

    OMG ~ the giraffe reminds me of Lee Kwangsoo from RunningMan
  10. Hope they will come to Malaysia again... M-Queen will be right here waiting for them..
  11. If you really love them..don't ever makes them feel nervous and fear while they are standing on the stage..
  12. Is these videos get subbed yet ?? Cause I really dunno what things they talking..why are they laughing something..
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