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  1. Ummmm, what's "Let's go dream team?" and they filmed this in Vietnam? What are they doing there? I'm Viet lol. >.<
  2. OMG LOOK AT AREUM'S FACE IN THE LAST PIC! LOOOOLLLL Ah she saoo funny, and they look like they're having fun!
  3. Hot dayumm, all of them are looking soo fine. I'm goin to Korea before I die man. LOL
  4. She looks good! She looks really good in that outfit and I love those leggings, or stickers.
  5. O wow, I actually love all of them. It's all done differently so it's pretty cool.
  6. Wow, that sounds pretty awesome, much love to you girls, keep bringing the success! YEA!
  7. Yay, congrats girls! 12 is better than 13, and next time aim for number 1! FIGHTING!
  8. well that just made me spit out some water...
  9. I love these pics thank you sooo much! Blue , pink, purple dresses ftw
  10. I love the blue, and purple dresses, love the concept, love the song, and LOVE Q-RI in this! AND YO THAT BOOTYPOP CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD!! T-ara's soo awesome!!!
  11. HAHAH, Boram's speed eating was crazy! And it was so cute when she tried to eat the pineapple.
  12. LOL I thought a crazy fan went rabid or something, but it just turned out to be a dog.
  13. Oh my goodness, my favourite video so far! Q-ri is soo Q-WAIIII!!!
  15. Hmm, I think the girls look great, but idk, I feel like the costumes aren't doing it for me. o.O
  16. tbh, I didn't think I was going to like this song, BUT IT'S REALLY GROWING ON ME...
  17. Omgoshh, I wonder wat shes like at ayce restaurants LOL
  18. Sighhh, she always looks soo good. Wish I look that sexy in snow LOOL
  19. Holy snap, Boram is ridiculously cute in this! LOVE HER!
  20. Oh my goodness, maybe it's just me but the girls are looking soo good.
  21. SOOO JELLY. I was in Vietnam around that time, but hadn't heard of them yet. Which is ironic, BECAUSE I FIRST LISTENED TO THEM IN 'NAM!
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