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  1. BEAUTIFUL. Light make-up, natural flowy dark hair with a bright outfit...pretty! Hyomin looks WONDERFUL...this is the most feminine I've ever seen her. It's a true delight. ^.^
  2. She looks absolutely STUNNING! Her long black hair matches the bright pink. Hyomin looks really good in pink.
  3. "*GASP!* They all look so beautiful!!!!! Especially Jiyeon. -_-" My first reaction, lol. To me, it seems that this time they all have hair colors that actually suit them. Q-ri looks beautiful and so pretty with that wine red. =)
  4. SHE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Ah...Hyomin...she is truly a beauty, and I believe naturally, too.
  5. Well, I don't know who he is, but I'm certaintly glad and happy for Soyeon. She looks awfully happy in those pictures with him, and it makes me happy as well. ^.^ I hope that they treat each other right and continue with their relationship, if that is what they both want. I'm so happy to see Soyeon in romance like that...because I didn't know she was with someone, but now knowing and seeing...
  6. Oh, wow! That looks and sounds very interesting! And very cute! I would LOVE to play it, as I am a gamer. Looking forward to it soon. ^.^
  7. WOOOOO!!!!! Bring it on!!!!! I can't wait to hear a new song from them. Korean comeback, right? They're always able to pull it off with a new catchy song like the last. I feel like they never fail to impress...I hope this new concept and single will be the same as well. =)
  8. The girls look beautiful in that first pic! Especially Boram whose outfit you can see clearly with her high high heels! Very cute. ^^
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