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  1. http://t.co/GSb2OloZb2

  2. Fighting Jiyeonine !!! You're the best forever Keep look forward
  3. well, i have no idea at least she performed on m!cd already it's okay but i thinks it make jiyeon more tried
  4. Sound great! can't wait for their comeback again. Fighting T-ARA~
  5. however, you all still number1 for me. don't care about everything and be strong!
  6. wow~~~~ daebuk!!! Eunjung Fighting! T-ara Fighting!!! can't wait!!!
  7. Jiyeon ah ~ please don't cry. but you're still beautiful ever. can't wait!!!
  8. wowwww~~ daebuk!!!! can't wait for their repackate. T-ARA FIGHTING!!! y'all the best!!!!
  9. I prefer first image but however, I like all image if it's T-ARA's album. KEEP SUPPORT FOREVER
  10. FREE HUG!!!! OMG I'm jealous K-QUEEN'S so muchㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wish I can meet&hug them someday.
  11. wowwwwww~ so beautiful~~ she's more attractive with tears. can't wait for 2nd Dec. Keep looking forward ~~
  12. T-ARA[티아라] "NUMBER NINE [넘버나인]" M/V: http://t.co/eDIKLcBKGV via @youtube

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