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  1. Lets call today a day... Super tired

  2. RT @QulWang: 140710 오사카 팬미팅 센빠이 직찍 업로드~~!

    http://t.co/0A6jRt1joB http://t.co/Amg15QibfK

  3. fanfics not rumors...

  4. RT @JiyeonKira: Ji: baby food, wae are u leaving me ... http://t.co/x8iGCQ0njX

  5. My question after seeing the number of dislikes...

    If 4L were to be a boyband, would the reaction still be the same or...

  6. RT @TaraN4Thaifan: Music Core line-up today:

    Hyomin, HyunA , Henry , Red Velvet , Sistar , Secret , Girl's Day , AOA

    Block B , C-Clown , NU…

  7. When will be the time Qri finally give a fvck? http://t.co/7dmPD8EnLp

  8. [iNFO] Eunjung casted in SBS weekend drama "Endless Love" Airs on Both Saturday & Sunday at 22:00 KST , With a total of 40 Episodes

  9. RT @Jingdot: Let's make Jiyeon get the award!

    Need ur help for Givecon Voting! Deadline tomorrow!

    http://t.co/mtctm2YJol http://t.co/QAJoN…

  10. You cant store byun hormone. If you you, byun store you...

  11. Here, Jiyeon is doing a bow of her people, the dinosaurs~ http://t.co/0NLsvh2Jul

  12. How about this hairstyle for the comeback? Concept will be Fabulous Concept~ XD http://t.co/Lg3bPBbROx

  13. RT @Jingdot: Tonight at 10:30 pm KST, Chatting room will be open to help foreign fans about Givecon Voting! Please get into the link we not…

  14. RT @saijy1234: เฟรชชี่จียอนตอนนั้นกับรุ่นพี่จียอนตอนนี้ 😭😭 http://t.co/VTYE0N3YCu

  15. this UN should do it~

  16. RT @RemixStew: Someone had to do this and it's gonna be me. #SsoKyul http://t.co/UypmIKSdAM

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