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  1. I demand that T-Ara stay a 7 membered group! He's going to ruin it for everyone!!!
  2. Oooh yay! What a great way to start the new year x) I had a feeling Soyeon would be next in line! She's the second oldest right? (: She's going to make a great leader, I love her personality 8) Thanks for sharing!
  3. Holy moly! That's quite a lot... and 17 minutes?! I thought 15 minutes was too long... LOL I don't think it's necessary to have 5 different versions, I mean sure for a dance version but a 'club version'? ... but I'll watch them all anyway :-) Thanks for sharing!
  4. hey you're the founder of Co-Ed's forum... no wonder why your name looks familiar... :L

  5. God, it sounded so dramatic on allkpop so I decided to check out the diadems forum. Wasn't as bad as netizens were making of it. So exaggerated T___T I think some of the members will be on hiatus from the group, thus subgroups. Although I think they all should get a big rest.
  6. I wish they'd actually date each other :L I mean they're cute as a couple! ^^ But in the article you forgot to mention, Jiyeon said since she already know what he's like now she doesn't like him anymore -sniffles- I wonder what Seung ho thinks of her ^^
  7. OMG! Highly anticipating this! ^^ The title kind of reminds me of COFFEE PRINCE Welps, uber excited can't wait! hehe thanks for sharing!
  8. Ahh.. this is old news.. but disturbing to say the least. Porn ain't sexy to watch it's disgusting. LOL Ewwww.. maknae's learning dirty expressions from unnies!!! AHAHA Keep those adult spazz away from JiYeon!!! :3
  9. LOL being sexy can be awkward :/ Hyomin unnie!! You are naughty! Teaching our maknae something so provocative! >< ROFL, but it's all good Thanks for sharing!
  10. Ahh I hope SoYeon will get into the fashion business and also staying true to the music industry! ^^ Keep on living the dream T-Ara! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Awesome! I will go on it, when I'm done with my assignments but is due like tmw! AHAHA Thanks for sharing!
  12. More of like curse the bloody stylist ==' But what is wrong with people these days? T-Ara took the time and effort to come down to the bloody game and perform! So disrespectful people these days.. -________-
  13. Gonna watch it when I'm finished with my assignments == I heard that there are three different music videos! Can't wait! >< Hope it's gonna be good and better than I go crazy because of you~ thanks for sharing!
  14. Bo peep bo peep? o: YAY! Good times keke they all look with cute with the paws on ^^ T-Ara hwaiting!
  15. what the hell? anti's.. I swear always picking at something so little probably jealous because eunjung is so freaking awesome. Anti's probably;y are worse than Eunjung, they probably waste their time picking at small details and becoming flabby :L
  16. Awwww.. nice to hear sisterly love between T-Ara and Kara my favourite girl groups! ^__^ Maybe maknaes Jiyeon and Jiyoung will be the best of friends? :L Thanks for sharing!
  17. Ohhh!!!! So it hasn't came out yet! LOL I thought it already did full went searching for it Can't wait to see it ! ^^
  18. ahahha it looks like Yoon Si Yoon's got something for our maknae JiYeon Wonder what she thinks of him ^^ I haven't seen the CF yet! Must.. watch!!!!!
  19. Well at least when I watch the performances I can see the choreography properly Because in the Music Video it flashes back and forth so quickly I'm like .. eh?! The performance was crazily awesome <33 T-Ara hwaiting!!!!!!
  20. They look hot with their tomboy concept I'm really hurt is a better song than I go crazy because of you, hopefully the MV won't disappoint like the last time. T-Ara fighting!
  21. Cool! Not sure what they were promoting before this but looking forward to the CF? Colourful image was BoPeep concept ish. LOL NOw they're too sexy for phones
  22. Never knew they were any anti fans! I loved T-ara when I first heard of them! AHAHA, More of like I was anti-snsd before but now I like them Love you T-ara fighting!
  23. Wow... that's pretty good~! Did they beat SNSD's Oh! record?! DID THEY? DID THEY?! :L T-ara fighting~!~!
  24. Good to hear Soyeon is cured from swine flu! I swear.. just when I thought swine flu died down abit other idols are still catching it! >< Hope no one else from T-Ara catches it! >< T-Ara stay healthy and fighting!
  25. YES!! IT BEAT SNSD'S OH! CAUSE DAMMIT. that song Oh! is so freaking annoying now~ Good to hear some girl idol group beat SNSD for once CONGRATS T-ARA!
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