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  1. My friends didn't quite like taiwan version of "Bo Peep" but they prefer T-ara's "Bo Peep"..
  2. You must be so lucky to be able to high 5 jiyeon!! I will be jumping for joy if i can even see jiyeon or any member.. I envy you SO MUCH!!!
  3. They look so cute together!!! What's that thing on Maden's head in the fourth pic??
  4. i think hyomin made the mistake in this performance because the dancer passed her the board wrongly..
  5. Their costumes are so bling bling!! Qri must have loved the costume a lot
  6. i wonder if KBS is waiting for sunny and yuri to go back to IY..
  7. what exam is that? why did their name appear there??
  8. I wonder when would IY season 2 start filming..
  9. Sistar's Bora pants like almost showing her bottom but she did not fail.. what's with the tv station???
  10. I think the choreography for YaYaYa is cute but i still prefer them promoting Why Are You Like This
  11. They look so cute!!! Can't wait to watch Music Bank later!!! (:
  12. Soyeon look so pretty!!!! I wonder if Hwayoung had a hard time balancing her hat..
  13. I think it's fine to do minor surgeries instead of major surgeries..even reporters do minor surgeries.. We love Jiyeon anyway!!
  14. I want to watch their Comeback Stage tomorrow at Music Bank but i may hav to work tomorrow..T.T
  15. The dog look so much like a toy.. the eyes are so big and clear!!
  16. Hyomin look so pretty!! I wonder what are they eating..
  17. Jiyeon look so cute in the outfit!!!! *going crazy*
  18. She look great in her photos!! But what would the "Invincible Youth" book be about?
  19. I feel that they are doing a kind deed but some people think that it is insincere T-ara Fighting!!
  20. Are the photos about the shirt she is wearing? She looks so cute>.<
  21. Qri's face look yellow from the reflection of the life jacket or something.. but i envy those people on the plane
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