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  1. CCM probably thinks they need another member with a better singing skill? Or she will promote the group, or something. But, indeed, there'll be shorter lines for our girls. :| I hope it's just a rumor.
  2. Hyomin looks even prettier with her hair like this. ;a; And I love Jiyeon's extensions. ♥ Hyomin and Boram's outifts are so pretty~ Thanks for sharing!
  3. I'm so proud of them! ;a; And they really deserve to win! Hyomin looked so pretty and happy; and Jiyeon looks so good with those extensions. ♥ Thanks for sharing~
  4. OMG! She looks so beautiful. ;A; And her dress is just... ♥ Thanks for sharing!
  5. The girls seriously have a busy schedule... First Jiyeon, now Hyomin~ I'm so worried. T_T I really hope Hyomin can rest a bit, even if just for a few hours. T_T Thanks for sharing! ♥
  6. They're looking sooo pretty! But Hyomin and Qri are gorgeous! I love their dresses. ♥
  7. Hyomin is looking flawless, seriously. ♥ I love her white dress - actually, I love everything. lol~ Hope she's doing well! Thanks for sharing.
  8. lol @ Qri's selfca. She's cute. Hyomin's hair looks so cute here, so does her. ;A; Thanks for sharing ♥
  9. I love Hyomin and Qri's hair here. They look so pretty ;A; And yeah, lol @ the first pic! Thanks for sharing ♥
  10. Our Eunjung's so mature! She represents T-ara so well ;A; I like how she always tell the truth~ Thanks for sharing ♥
  11. Hyomin looks so good in jeans. ;A; And Boram's picture is... ♥
  12. They're looking so pretty. I loved Hyomin and Qri's hair. ♥_♥ Seems like Jiyeon lost weight? She looks thinner!
  13. Everyone knows how beautiful our Hyomin is, even with those clothes. ♥ She can pull off any kind of clothe, even the weirdest ever. lol Thanks for sharing. ♥
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