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  1. hehe, loving t-ara. <3

  2. I Love Her. ♥

    I want to hear her live singing ma boo.

  3. t-ara not her lol sorry

  4. I Love Her. ♥

    I want to hear her live singing ma boo.

  5. Hwayoung kicks me. ♥

    She's a very good rapper and a great addition.

    & even though that EunJung and HyoMin are already good rappers, Hwayoung is awesome.

  6. I love Hwayoung(:

    She's a great rapper and a good addition. (=

    Even though that EunJunf and Hyomin are very good rappers already omg Hawayoung kicks me. ♥

  7. hahaha yeah one thing i like about kpop. addicting stuff that will be in my head FOREVER, haha.


  8. It sometimes really gets craaazy. And I really mean it, lol.

  9. IKR? (:

    And guess what.

    Yayaya is out.

    And we were riiight, haha.

  10. Welcome to T-ara and the crazy KPop World. (:

  11. Do you remember the indian pictures? Everyone is betting there will be antoher one.

  12. Haha ok (:

    I just like freaked out *___*

    And I can't wait for the other music video!

  13. Oh hihi~

    I hope we can (:

    Are you ready for T-ara to come back? ♥

  14. okay I'll add u on twitter ;)

  15. ''Think fan-cam are better than some music show''

    Rlly? @@


  16. I've both ;) or do you have msn? :)

  17. (: Of course. Welcome ;)

    are in sfi? i think there it is more comfortable to chat xD

  18. Hello ~

    Thanks for the friends add :)

    How r u doin?

  19. KK :) I wanted to send u a message but I read ur profile first :)

    Hihi cute but I think I'd be to shy too :*

    Hihi. Fighting! Maybe someday? :)

  20. I just loled about the fact there was a 19+ and under 19 year old vid xD but i think it's not that bad so under 29 you can see it too. but you are 23. it's something else :D

  21. Haha.Your despcription ;)

    It looks amazing :)

    Ji Yeon jjang :) Which song do you like more?

    - haha, mv 9+ but even ji yeon isn't 19 yet :D

  22. hope they gain more love from fans :))


    yes the album is a killer :)

  23. I love t-ara's new album ♥


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