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  1. Happy new year to you too

  2. I'll do that...bu we don't talk much often now...but I'll try ^^

  3. This was a good movie...not that scary though....but the acting was amazing!!! Especially from Eunjung
  4. Hehe Thanks ^^ I like yours too :)

  5. What? Why the smiley face? ....o.o

  6. Awww...this was a relaly good drama.....Well, Hyomin did an awesome job of acting hope she comes out in another drama
  7. Dannnggg!!! The dance is awesome!!!! I can't wait until they comeback!!! This dance is very powerful
  8. OMG!! TODAYY!!! I am going to wait now...so excited....better keep their word though.....
  9. I'm forgetting people and so many other things!!!!

  10. I don't know...I didn't remember...

  11. I know you're naturally happy... ^^

  12. Your welcome...I haven't talkled to you in a LONG time

  13. Hi...why are you so ...happy whenever I talk to you? It's not that I don't like it when your happy..I'm just wondering

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohsPYTild_4 I found some part and the song name is at the end
  15. What song is it??? I'm so curious now .......When will the MV come out??? You know I've never seen Eunjung kissing anyone
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