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  1. Eunjung is such a lovely girl.

  2. WOW like seriously? I really wanted to see them together. I can't wait for that! RYU SISTERS FTW!
  3. OH MY GOSH. Like seriously? Oh I wish I could ride with them and I hope they will win. ^___^
  4. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! You don't know how excited I am. Thank you for informing us! I can't wait to see thiss! >
  5. Is this Boram? I see a new version of her. She's so pretty here. :3
  6. OH MY GOLLY! Im so freaking excited for this! The poster look so interesting! I can't wait to see the MV! Kyaaa~
  7. OH my gosh! They all look so lovely! Thanks for sharing this. Oh Hwayoung.
  8. Wait, she call this innocent? OMG. She still looks HOT! \0/ Oww. She looks pretty~ Thanks for sharing~


  11. Hyomin unnie looks like a goddess here. She looks hot even she's wearing a sunglass. Thanks for sharing!
  12. o_0. Eunjung unnie looks really pretty and natural here. Thanks for sharing. I like her face here.
  13. Were they dancing SHOCK of B2ST in the first picture? HAHA. They look like. Anyway. GOODNESS HYOMIN UNNIE! You're freaking sexshi. Thanks for sharing!
  14. KYAA~ Qri is feeding Hyomin unnie! It's nice of them! Jeez, thanks for sharing. I'm really really happy for them~
  15. Why is JiYeon sitting like that? Is that a part of the MV. LOL. Just kidding. Wow. They all look good and pretty. Thanks for sharing~
  16. Oh. They're crying. Aww. D;. I'm happy for you girls. I hope they will continue their success! Thanks for sharing~
  17. Wae was Hyomin's face covered? I wonder what she would look like. Thanks for sharing by the way, Soyeon looks pretty~
  18. Kyaaa~ they all look lovely in dress! Ji Yeon unnie looks cute on the last photo. Thanks for sharing!
  19. OH MY GOODNESS! The third photo is such epic! I love it! They act like boyish... well except for Boram. She looks innocent. Thanks for sharing!
  20. OH MY GOSH! The concept photos! I cannot believe their acting like that. They look dork! Meow. :3 Thanks for sharing. I love the jump shot a lot!
  21. OH MY GOSH! She really looks pretty in these photos! I love the second one the best. Thanks for sharing! HYOMIN UNNIE FTW!
  22. OH MY GOSH! Is that really her? She looks AWESOME! She looks matured and stunning! I really like her here. Thanks for sharing tikaa!
  23. Wow. They all look innocent. Qri unnie's picture would be my favorite. She smirked! Thanks for sharing!
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