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[12.01.02] Video - T-ara - MV Lovey Dovey ver Drama


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Ow yeah.. After all these days, finally it's here.. Yeay!!!

But I think they announced the mv will be 22 min long... Now it's just 15min mv.. Ah well.. Ok. Now waiting for subs for this mv..

Oh, and Qri is so cool..Daebak!!!

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i'm abit confuse on the story line ...

so Qri replace Jiyeon's chac in part 2 ??

in cry cry jiyeon's face full of wounds so she did plastic surgery and became qri's face...so qri is playing jiyeon chac.. qri=jiyeon..kind of like that..cha seung won knew qri is jiyeon when qri asked him ramyun with egg and also "hand's" code .....

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