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[12.01.27] Chinese "We Got Married" wife Hyomin, "I no longer will be jealous of Eunjung"


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Lol.. Im having fun reading the article when suddenly a translator was mentioned.. I cant stop laughing after reading that.. hahaha :D How can they talk personally and freely with a translator?????? Can someone please tell me how??? :huh:

Ohh well.. Im very happy for Hyomin's exposure to chinese people :D

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i like the idea that korea idols are going to china and taiwan to film variety shows and dramas, but it is awkward to see a couple to have to communicate through a translator. i wonder if the couple can really last. the translator will be wherever they go. haha. hope to see if this combination of korea-china idols work. all the best hyomin!

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i think this is the time to finally says goodbye to my otp T_T

iss this the time really to end my eunmin ship

im drowning literally with unmin now awhh

/pats self

okay... *sniff* i hope the best for hyomin

also hope that she will get more china's attention

she deserve it t-ara deserve it T^T

hyomin hwaiting *sniffffffff*

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