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[PICS] Teaser pics from Hyomin & Fu Xin Bo @ WGM (02/01)


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-sufferring from another heart attack-

Argh, my 효민 heart. T.T

Fine fine fine. I SHALL ADMIT IT.

Well, they kinda look good together.

Second picture : *dying from sweetness/fluffyness overdose* Gonna watch it when its broadcasted!!

Wonder what kind of chemistry will 付辛博 & 효민 have. ^^

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>.< AUGH SO EXCITED! Because Hyomin is beautiful and funny and just all around adorable and quirky so, this guy better take care of her right! He's so lucky. (Anyone who gets a T-ara lady is lucky and we haven't even gotten started on whether he's EARNED the right, either.) Can't wait for someone to sub this so that I can have another WGM fix.

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Hyominnie's just so beautiful!! :wub: I'm excited to see her in another variety show (with more focus on her. Yay!)

Her charm is mesmerizing, I hope the guy treats her well! I heard that the two of them actually need a translator to communicate.

But she's such a lovable dork, I'm wondering if the language barrier will even matter at this point <3

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