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[12.02.03] T-ara to spend a month promoting in Japan starting on the 16th


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I love both verison of Roly Poly MV, probably the first one more. Both are very cute.

After watching Episode 5 of Pretty Boys, I'm sure Roly Poly promotion will be as successful if not more.

Since T-ara has increased so much since last year with their comeback with Cry-Cry. They are becoming more recognised.

Good luck girls with the promotion and everything!! Take care of yourself and don't over work yourself <3

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one entire month in japan..x.x

well, guess they can rest considering it wouldn't be as hectic in korea, their schedules probably wouldn;t be as packed with performances and radio shows..etc etc

and sure hope eunjung will get the rest she needs..6weeks to full recovery..x.x

t-ara fighting! :)

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